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Week 3

Published May 4, 2021, by La rédaction, — 2 min read


Throughout the week after ovulation, from day 15 to day 21, your body’s levels of progesterone increase to prepare itself for a possible pregnancy.

The growing production of progesterone stimulates the sebaceous glands, which creates more sebum than usual. Excess sebum stretches the pores open and visibly makes them more dilated at this time of the month.

Meanwhile, estrogen levels, which were peaking at the time of ovulation in week 2, gradually decrease, evaporating moisture from the skin and leaving it feeling and looking dehydrated.

During this week, the pores are more visible and the skin is dehydrated.

Discover our hydrating and astringent serum for week 3 of your cycle.

Discover the 4 serums in the set.

Each serum is adapted to the week that corresponds with your cycle.

Week 1: hydrating and soothing serum

Week 2: radiance and suppleness serum

Week 3: hydrating and astringent serum

Week 4: mattifying and anti-blemish serum

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