New Lip Care: Smooth, soften + plump

New Lip Care: Smooth, soften + plump

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Face Masks

Our masks are concentrated in botanical actives that target specific skin concerns like dryness or dullness. Used alone, or as part of a daily routine, they deliver instant skin benefits.

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What face mask should I choose?

Take our 4-minute Skin Diagnostic to receive a personalized face mask recommendation based on your specific concerns.

What are the benefits of a face mask?

Face masks have various benefits depending on the active ingredients. They can be used to purify problematic skin prone to blemishes or blackheads. They may also address dryness with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Visit the detailed product page of each mask to find out its benefits.

When should you apply a face mask?

We recommend you use for your face mask once a week. The ideal moment is after showering, when your skin is purified and cleansed. You can also use a scrub before doing a mask for more effect.