The key to a long-lasting tan

The key to a long-lasting tan

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Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, your skin changes: dryness, duller complexion, sensitive skin, stretch marks? Discover our special routine for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Take care of your skin during this unique period of your life.

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Stretch marks, marks, a feeling of sagging skin, dryness on different areas of the body, pregnancy mask, hyperpigmentation, lack of radiance, dark circles and fatigue marks on the face. Pregnancy and the hormonal variations it brings about cause considerable upheaval for your epidermis, temporarily modifying your skin problems: it is drier, more sensitive, less supple.


Our special pregnancy skin care collection and routine is designed to help the skin on the body retain its elasticity, and maintain an even, radiant complexion: a shea butter cleanser to moisturise the skin, an anti-stretch mark gel to apply daily to prevent stretch marks, and on the face, a 9-ingredient moisturiser suitable for sensitive skin, a caffeine serum to eliminate fatigue around the eye area, and a soothing cotton night serum to rejuvenate the skin while you sleep


The vast majority of our products are composed of more than 90% of natural ingredients, and most of them are fragrance-free. Our formulations are minimalist, and contain only the active ingredients essential to their function.