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dark circles and bags: why use caffeine?

dark circles and bags: why use caffeine?

Known for its stimulating effects on the body, caffeine also fights fatigue locally, in particular by reducing the appearance of bags and dark circles. What are the reasons for its effectiveness?

Why do we get dark circles?

First of all, we must understand the mechanism responsible for the appearance of the different types of dark circles. While lack of sleep is often blamed, it is unfortunately not the only cause of this very common phenomenon, regardless of skin type. When it comes to dark circles, there are three different types that reflect two different problems:

  • Bluish or vascular dark circles:

    Vascular dark circles, characterized by a purple pigmentation, are related to poor blood circulation. They can be caused by a lack of sleep, poor nutrition or a major change in hormonal balance. Because the skin in this area is very thin, the bluish effect resulting from blood stagnation under the skin tissue is very visible.

  • Brown or pigmented circles:

    Very common on darker skin, brown circles are due to an overproduction of melanin. Since this phenomenon is genetically inherited, there are only temporary solutions to fade them. However, unprotected exposure to UV rays can accentuate this phenomenon, as the sun activates the melanin contained in the skin and therefore darkens the dark circles.

  • Hollow or structural dark circles:

    They are characterized by a pronounced shadow under the eyes. A particular bone structure of the face emphasizes the hollow under the eyes and makes the contours of the eye socket more visible. In this case, if the light comes from above, a shadow will appear under your eyes. On the contrary, frontal lighting will reduce this effect. This type of dark circles can have a genetic origin or develop slowly over time or after a massive weight loss. As we age, the fat pockets of the face, which are located between the skin and the orbital bone, empty and the skin sags, forming a hollow ring.

Why do we get bags under the eyes?

Under-eye bags are a swelling of the eye contour area that may or may not be accompanied by bluish circles. This phenomenon can be caused by an accumulation of fluid in the lower eyelid, a liquid responsible for transporting waste products. This is referred to watery bags. Fortunately, this temporary stagnation fades quickly.

Skin aging also causes the appearance of bags under the eyes, which are called adipose bags. The fat tissue that protects the eyeball begins to move under the lower eyelid, causing localized swelling.

Why is caffeine so effective against puffiness and dark circles?

To get rid of dark circles or puffiness, you can opt for our eye serum or our dark circles cream, both of which contain caffeine. However, these treatments have no effect on hollow circles and pockets of fat. Coffein is an outstanding active ingredient, which combines several benefits:

  • It activates the blood microcirculation:

    Acting as a true draining medium, caffeine improves blood microcirculation, which allows the skin to tone up. It also allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells. Result: dark circles appear less purple and the blood vessels are also less visible.

  • It decongests the tissues:

    By draining the lymphatic fluid often trapped under the lower eyelid, caffeine visibly decongests puffy eyes. Once eliminated from this sensitive area, it slowly begins to deflate in order to regain a smooth and tense appearance.

  • It fights against skin aging:

    Caffeine fights against the first signs of aging, wrinkles and fine lines that appear around the eyes. This active ingredient actively fights free radicals that attack the epidermis. Caffeine also stimulates cell renewal.

How to use caffeine on a daily basis?

In our eye care products, caffeine is present at a concentration of between 2% and 5%. It is applied topical under the eyes morning and evening, at a rate of 3 to 4 drops, or the equivalent of the size of a grain of rice. To optimize the efficiency of the treatment, gently tap or massage the eye contour area for a better penetration of the active ingredient. This will also boost the microcirculation of the blood. Once dry, you can then follow with your daily face cream, chosen based on your skin type and preferences.


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