The 4-night protocol for more radiant skin

The 4-night protocol for more radiant skin

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Quels sont les bienfaits de l’huile de chanvre sur la barbe ?

The benefits of hemp oil for your beard

Using beard oil is essential for looking after your facial hair and reducing the development of bacteria within it. The makeup of beard oils varies but generally they contain botanical oils, like hemp oil. We’ll explain the specific benefits of hemp oil for your beard.

Published December 8, 2022, by Maylis, Chemical Engineer, — 3 min read

A quick guide to hemp oil

Hemp is widely used in Europe for its medicinal benefits, but its production was banned in France in the 1940s because of its misuse as a narcotic. It’s only in 1990 that a new variety, without its psychotropic element, was authorized for cultivation. Hemp oil has one of the highest concentrations of essential fatty acids, which gives it its regenerative, antioxidant and strengthening properties. Today, the hemp varieties used in skin and hair care products are subject to the public health code and so fall under a legal obligation of a THC level of less than 0.2%.

In terms of obtaining hemp oil, extracting it from the grains can be done in three different ways: mechanical extraction (first cold press), via an extraction solvent or a supercritical fluid (CO2), and each method gives a different quality of yield.

What are the benefits of hemp oil for your beard?

Hemp oil is rich in omega-3-6-9, and is often found in beard oil because of the following benefits:

  • It softens hair

Beard hair has a tendency to be rougher than the hair on your head. Hemp oil softens and adds shine to beard hair, and helps to tame any rogue hairs so that the whole beard looks cleaner and more styled.

  • It strengthens hair and reduces breakages

The fatty acids in hemp oil increases keratin levels, a building block of hair, to make it stronger and more resistant.

  • It soothes irritations

Hemp oil helps to soothe any itchiness, which many men with beards struggle with. Its omega-3 content allows it to regulate sebum production, which helps to reduce dandruff.

  • It hydrates your skin and reduces razor burn

Shaving can disturb your skin’s hydrolipidic film and dry out your skin. Hemp oil is lipid-replenishing, so it helps to take care of the skin underneath your beard.

  • It gives your beard a fresh, woody fragrance.

You’ll find hemp oil in Typology’s beard oil

Our strengthening oil for beard and hair contains hemp and castor oil, both of which are obtained by cold-pressing, and is made of 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. It helps to nourish and soften your beard. When applied to the roots, it helps to stimulate hair growth for a softer and thicker beard. For your hair, use it on the mid lengths and ends to nourish and repair your hair fiber.


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