Gift Sets, delight loved ones with essential skincare

Gift Sets, delight loved ones with essential skincare

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Where can I buy typology?

Keep reading to find out why we've chosen a direct-to-consumer approach, or start exploring our bestselling products.


Typology products are only available on our website. Here's why:


We believe people should make informed decisions about their skincare, without pressure or urgency. The direct-to-consumer model allows us to educate around our ingredients and formulations, clearly and accurately. Our Skin Diagnostic helps clients choose the right products for their concerns. We also have a vast archive of expertise written by our in-house scientists.

2. Fair Pricing

We are able to offer fair, affordable prices because we control product development, manufacturing costs, and handle end-to-end shipping.


This approach allows us to keep a direct line of communication with our clients. We create formulations based on customer needs and have already reformulated products based on responses. If you'd like to try our products for yourself, take the 4-minute Skin Diagnostic to learn about your skin typology and receive a personalized routine based on your specific concerns.

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Our overall rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars from over 62950 reviews.

Beautiful moisture and natural with only 9 ingredients. It smells plain which shows how natural it is and I also suffer from very sensitive skin and I have no redness at all after I apply the moisturiser. I will definitely be purchasing a face wash from here or a serum as its so calming and refreshing on my skin. Quick delivery too! Thank you!

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About 9-Ingredient Face Moisturizer

Blends well, skin feels moisturised, not heavy. However I do miss at least a little natural scent. Nothing chemical, more like a lavender extract or something. Without any scent it feels a little weird. It does make the job physically, but it doesn’t provide this mental-relaxing part where you’re enjoying the smell while you’re massaging your face

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About 9-Ingredient Face Moisturizer

Love this product! Really hydrating and with a bit of patience you really start seing its benefits. My olive skin usually turns green and pale in the winter months. This product has been a life saver, giving my face a natural healthy glow. Who needs bronzer? The texture is a bit greasy and oily so I'll recommend applying it at night; as the last step of your routine.

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About Macerated Oil - Organic Carrot

Really love this. I use it all year round. The lavender is calming and the serum maintain the moisturise in my skin whilst not exacerbating spots. I have only just started to add a moisturiser after the serum because of my skin feeling dry from central heating and winter weather.

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About Lipid replenishing Serum - 1% Ceramides + Lavender Extract

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