Discover the 3-step radiance routine for fall

Discover the 3-step radiance routine for fall

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Moisturizer is an essential step in every routine to help restore the skin's protective hydrolipidic barrier and prevent water loss.

Our face creams are more than 90% naturally derived and suitable for every skin typology.

To complement the skin benefits of our moisturizers, we recommend first applying a targeted serum.

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How do I choose the right moisturiser?

Step 1: Find out your skin typology.

Take our dermatologist-approved Skin Diagnostic and get your skin typology in 4 minutes. You'll also receive a personalized routine with moisturiser recommendations.

Step 2: Decide if your skin is more oily or dry. Our moisturisers are concentrated in different active ingredients that to target your skin concerns, like dryness or oiliness.

For dry skin: Opt for the hydrating or nourishing moisturiser.

For oily skin: Choose the purifying face cream.

Why use a moisturiser?

Moisturisers are essential for hydrating skin. Our formulations are made to hydrate and lock in moisture. They also give added protection against pollution and signs of aging and help maintain and repair the lipidic barrier.

When should you use a moisturiser?

Apply your moisturizer morning and evening as the last step in your routine or before SPF. Start by removing makeup and cleansing the skin, then applying serum and eye-contour care, and finally layering your moisturiser.