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Dark circles & bags


A good skincare routine must be simple, effective, and target specific skin concerns. We want to make life easier by creating simple routines that reflect the ebb and flow of your skin - for the morning and evening and based on the state of your skin and life's everyday stresses.

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Due to very thin skin, the eye contour is a very sensitive area for water and fat retention, responsible for puffiness and puffy eyes on waking, while poor circulation will promote the appearance of blue, brown, or gray circles. It is possible to camouflage them with make-up, but there are more effective solutions to regain a smooth and luminous look.


Our flagship product to fight against dark circles and puffiness: an anti-dark circle serum concentrated in caffeine and niacinamide, two active ingredients that will stimulate blood microcirculation. To be completed morning and evening by the application of a decongestant [cornflower hydrolate](/products/blueberry hydrolate-bio?variant=3665467003017) and a radiance tonic with vitamin C and lemon verbena water. And for a radiant complexion, head to our dull skin beauty routine. Not forgetting our tinted serums with their light coverage and natural finish, essential for camouflaging bluish and brown circles.


Our products are vegan, natural, and for the most part fragrance-free. Our formulations are minimalist and contain only the active ingredients essential to their function.

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