Discover the 3 essentials of a skincare routine

Discover the 3 essentials of a skincare routine

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Shiny skin

Your skin looks shiny when you wake up and, in the evening, it may feel like you have an "oily film" on your face.

Most often, this is accompanied by uneven skin texture and visible, enlarged pores.

To reduce shine and keep skin mattified throughout the day, discover our care for oily skin.

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Why is my skin slick and shiny?

The main reason is the excessive production of sebum, which leads to oiliness. Sweating can also make skin appear shiny.

How can I make my skin more matte?

  • Wash your face with a cleanser adapted to your skin typology.

  • Exfoliate with a scrub and use an adapted face mask.

  • Choose moisturizer with mattifying properties.

Take our 4-minute Skin Diagnostic to find out your skin typology and receive personalized recommendations.