New Lip Care: Smooth, soften + plump

New Lip Care: Smooth, soften + plump

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Dilated pores & blackheads

Dilated pores & blackheads

Decongest your skin, visibly tighten pores, and purify skin with our formulations enriched with actives that help regulate sebum production.

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What causes blackheads?

Blackheads are caused by an accumulation of sebum (hyperseborrhea) and dead cells (hyperkeratinization) in pores, causing them to become clogged. When this mixture comes into contact with the air, it oxidizes, forming a small, hard, black ball on the surface.

Why do we have dilated pores?

Dilated pores are above all genetic or related to an excess of sebum or to a slackening of the skin with age. They may also be influenced by environmental factors like excess sun exposure or hormonal fluctuations.

How do you unclog pores?

To unclog pores, cleanse your face with our Purifying Cleansing Gel, then exfoliate with one of our facial scrubs. Finish with a serum and a hydrating moisturizer.