Typology Support

Provide a valid postal address

When you fill in your address to make your purchase, please make sure you fill in all the fields.
The street number, the street name, the correct zip code and your full name are all mandatory details, which will help us to prevent your parcel from being blocked at the sorting center.
Please note that addresses must not exceed 32 characters, otherwise your parcel will be blocked in the preparation chain.

We don't deliver PO boxes ! Your parcel will not be shipped with this type of address, or will be blocked and destroyed by the carrier on site.

Your contact details must be valid to enable the carrier to contact you if necessary.


Please note that if the address indicated is not your personal address, the parcel will be delivered to the person present during the delivery as per your decision. The carrier and Typology cannot be held responsible for issues happening after the parcel is deposited.

If needed, we invite you to request a delivery in a pickup station if that is offered on the tracking page of the parcel.