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CBD Oil: Effective Against Muscle Soreness and Sports-Related Pain?

CBD Oil: Effective Against Muscle Soreness and Sports-Related Pain?

Better known as hemp oil, CBD oil is favored by athletes for recovery after physical exertion. Many athletes are now turning to the use of this vegetable oil to enhance their performance with natural remedies. Discover the effects of CBD oil on muscle soreness and other sports-related pains.

The use of CBD oil in sports

After intense physical exertion, athletes often resort to treatments to alleviate cramps, muscle soreness, or pain. The use of CBD oil is a natural alternative to these treatments. It possesses the same effects without the risk of dependency.

CBD, or cannabidiol, interacts with the endocannabinoid system, meaning it can influence the central nervous system to reduce the risk of inflammation. Its use therefore has a direct impact on overall health by regulating stress levels, sleep, appetite, recovery, relaxation, and so on. In fact, CBD is permitted in competitive sports due to its natural benefits for athletes' bodies.

The benefits of CBD oil for relieving sports-related pain

Depending on the desired effects, CBD oil can be used before or after physical exertion.

  • The benefits of CBD oil before exercise

Before engaging in sports, it can be administered sublingually, that is, under the tongue. Just a few drops of CBD are enough to reduce stress levels, and enhance mental clarity and focus before a competition.

CBD oil can also be used as a massage oil. When applied topically before exercise, it relaxes the muscles, which aids in warming up.

  • The Benefits of CBD Oil After Exercise

CBD oil can be used both during and after physical activity. The use of CBD oil post-exercise promotes muscle recovery. Its application on muscles strained during exertion helps to reduce their recovery time. It is particularly recommended for cramps and muscle soreness.

Used as a massage oil after exertion, CBD oil helps to relax the muscles and thus reduce the risk of inflammation. Its use is highly recommended after intense effort to prevent muscle pain and stiffness, whether for a professional athlete or not.

Applying CBD oil under the tongue after exercise improves sleep quality, thus facilitating faster recovery.

The use of CBD oil according to the desired effects

CBD oil can be used in various ways depending on the desired effects.

  • Sublingual use

The sublingual application of 2 to 3 drops of CBD oil allows for quick absorption of its effects. As the skin under the tongue is thin, the oil rapidly reaches the blood vessels and its effects are almost immediate.

  • Ingestion

It can be used in culinary preparation as a cooking oil or to make dressings. When ingested, its benefits take time to manifest, but they are long-lasting.

  • The topical application

CBD oil is used as a massage oil to alleviate pains such as muscle soreness, cramps, and so on. It can be used as is, but also in combination with a vegetable oil.

The topical and sublingual application is the recommended method for athletes to treat muscle pain and enhance recovery capabilities.


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