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Fact Sheet: Denatured Alcohol 39-B

INCI name: SD Alcohol 39-B.
Function: Solvent.
Origin: Synthetic, vegetable.
Concentration allowed by European regulations : Not regulated. Average dosage up to 10% as a preservative, up to 20% in slimming and/or anti-cellulite gels where it is used to solubilize caffeine, up to 20% in hair gels and up to 70% in eau de toilette.
Where to find it / them? : Eaux de parfum, shampoos, hair sprays, hair balms, dry shampoos, eaux de toilette, hair serums, moisturizing body mists, tonics.
Risks to health: Suspected endocrine disruptor, suspected carcinogen, potential skin irritant, potential drying agent.
Risks to the environment : /
More information : Denatured with diethyl phthalate.