New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Expired Cosmetics and Makeup: What are the Risks?

All cosmetic products, including makeup, have an expiration date. Therefore, caution must be exercised during purchase to prevent skin problems. Storage must also be carried out rigorously to prevent their deterioration before the use-by date. Otherwise, what risks are you exposing yourself to? Discover all our advice on this subject.

What are the risks for the skin?

One must pay attention to the expiration date indicated by the manufacturers. Indeed, the products may become ineffective and will no longer be able to provide optimal protection. This is particularly the case with sunscreens, which are supposed to shield the skin from UV rays.

The risks associated with using expired cosmetic or makeup products are numerous: irritations, infections, imbalances in the skin flora, itching, inflammations, skin eruptions, redness. Don't forget that after several months of use, bacteria can develop. Initially, the consequences may be limited to itching or redness. Later on, you may notice serious symptoms, such as inflammations, or even pimples.

How to recognize an expired skincare product or makeup?

Special attention must be given to what is written on the label or packaging. Two indicators are used to identify the expiration date:

  • The first is the "Minimum Durability Date" or MDD. You can recognize this indication by the note "Best used before end (date)". It is only mandatory for cosmetic products whose minimum durability is less than 30 months ;

  • The other indicator is the P.A.O., which stands for "Period After Opening", for those that can last longer. Indeed, only this indication is required. It is represented by a logo shaped like an open jar. The date is indicated by a number and the letter M for "month". In other words, once the skincare or makeup product is opened, you will have this period for its use.

The following signs can also alert you to the quality of the product:

  • Alteration of the texture (grainy, viscous, or biphasic appearance);

  • Unpleasant smell (sour or alcoholic odor);

  • Alteration of color.

Tips for preserving your skincare and makeup products.

To maintain the quality of your skincare and makeup products, ensure they are stored in a dry place, shielded from sunlight, and away from moisture and heat. This way, you can prevent the growth of germs. Of course, don't forget to check the expiration date on the labels or packaging. It's also important to properly close them after use. These rules apply whether it's a moisturizing cream, lipstick, mascara, or facial serum. If you're a fan of organic skincare, pay close attention to the minimum durability. Indeed, as they don't contain many preservatives, they don't last as long as traditional skincare products.


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