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How Long Can I Safely Keep an Opened Face Cream?

How Long Can I Safely Keep an Opened Face Cream?

The various care products do not preserve themselves in the same way or over the same period of time. Some products are sensitive to oxidation while others are not. To enjoy the benefits of the products used, it is necessary to respect the expiration dates. How long does a face cream last? We give you the answer to this question.

How Long Can a Face Cream Be Used After Opening?

The expiration date of the care products must be marked on their packaging according to regulations. The period of validity after opening is indicated by a logo representing an open jar on which the duration is shown. The capital letter "M" (meaning month) followed by a number indicates the expiration date. For example, 12M for 12 months. Generally, the lifespan of face creams varies from 6 to 12 months after opening. Beyond this date, the product is exposed to a risk of degradation or loss of effectiveness.

In Typology's organic skincare products, we do not use synthetic preservatives such as paraben. This is one of the compounds on our "black list of ingredients". The preservatives used are milder and therefore less potent, such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. Because of this, we may think that organic products have a shorter shelf life than other cosmetic products. Organic products are not more perishable than conventional products. However, it is worth mentioning that many other manufacturers' products are stored in "air less" packaging. These packages extend the shelf life of the products because the user no longer has to dip his or her fingers into the package to obtain the product.

However, it is not enough to look at the expiration date. It is also necessary to respect the conditions of conservation. Indeed, poor storage conditions can alter the care before the date indicated. Be careful and watch the texture and color of your cosmetics.

What Are the Dangers of an Expired Cosmetic Product?

Expired cosmetics no longer work effectively. There is no real danger if you use a product a few days after its expiration date. However, if a product has an unpleasant odor or texture, throw it away.

Applying an expired cosmetic exposes you to side effects such as an imbalance of the skin flora, irritation, redness, infection or even acne. The body's reaction to products varies according to individual sensitivity.

However, it is particularly important to remain vigilant with regard to certain products:

  • Sun creams: Once they have expired, they lose their effectiveness and are therefore less protective against UV rays;

  • Creams in jars: These products are real nests for bacteria because you dip your finger in them every day.


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