New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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How Long Can You Store a Shampoo?

How Long Can You Store a Shampoo?

Shampoo is one of the essential hair care products for cleaning the hair and scalp. Like all cosmetic products, shampoo also has a shelf life. This is to avoid the harmful effects of an expired product. How long can you store a shampoo? Typology explains.

How long can you store shampoo?

Usually packaged in plastic bottles, shampoo is a bathroom staple. As with all conventional beauty products, this hair care product is also subject to the laws of time, whether it contains chemical or natural ingredients. On average, conventional shampoos can be stored for 24 to 36 months after opening. This is the case for our shampoos. However, a poorly stored product, i.e. one that is exposed to humidity, heat, light or temperature variations, may have a shorter shelf life. Therefore, to keep your shampoo in good condition, it is important to keep it in an optimal environment, i.e. cool, dry and protected from light. This guarantees the right use of the products and does not alter their composition.

This type of cosmetic can also be found in a compact form, similar to a soap bar, with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Solid shampoo also has a shelf life after opening, usually set at 12 or 24 months. However, unlike traditional shampoo, it is a product that does not expire. It can indeed lose certain properties, like its perfume or dry out. However, beyond this period, solid shampoo should be used without risk because it does not contain water. It will even become better: better foaming, softer, etc... However, to keep it longer, there is only one golden rule: keep it away from any source of water. Do not put it on the edge of the bathtub, which is constantly exposed to water or splashes. This is the quickest way to see it crumble and to develop bacteria. It is therefore highly recommended to let it dry between uses. So, to keep your solid shampoo safe, the best way is to use a soap dish or an airtight storage box.

Tips to know if your shampoo is expired.

Since March 2005, it is mandatory to indicate the expiry date of a cosmetic product on the packaging. It indicates how long the product can be used after opening. In addition to this indicator, other signs are to be taken into account:

  • Odor: Over time, the fragrance of the shampoo may change due to oxidation. So, if your shampoo gives off a nauseating odor or different from the original one, it is advisable to stop using it.

  • Color: This parameter can also change and alert you that the use-by date of your hair care product has passed. It is recommended to remove it.

  • Texture: The consistency of the product is also an important element in determining whether or not your hair care product is still usable. If you notice that your shampoo is thickening, lumpy or becoming too runny, it's probably expired and best not to use it anymore. The same applies if you notice a phase shift.

The consequences of using expired shampoo on your hair.

When the shelf life of a shampoo has expired, it is recommended not to use it anymore, or even to get rid of it. In fact, an expired shampoo is ineffective for the treatment for which it was intended. On the other hand, a shampoo that is a few weeks out of date, should not be a risk and does not necessarily damage your hair. As the product is rinsed out, reactions are limited. However, if any changes are noticed, using an expired shampoo can cause damage to the area where it is applied. This may include inflammation of the scalp or irritation of any kind. In extreme cases, hair loss or intense itching can occur.


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