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Fréquence d'application masque visage.

How Often Can You Apply a Face Mask?

Highly concentrated, face masks are not designed to be applied daily. While it is essential to know your skin type in order to choose the appropriate treatment to apply, there are a few rules to know about the frequency of application as well. Here they are.

How Often It Is Possible To Apply a Face Mask.

There are numerous masks available, depending on the skin problems of the face. In fact, this type of care meets specific needs: moisturizing, astringent, illuminating or even sebum regulating. The frequency of a mask depends on the type of skin and its condition:

  • If you have oily skin or skin prone to blemishes, you can opt for a purifying mask just once a week to preserve yourself from dehydration.

  • Dry skin, prone to tightness needs a moisturizing mask. Thus, one to two applications per week will allow to regain a moisturized and flexible skin.

  • In the case of tired skin with a dull tone, it is recommended that you use a radiance mask at least twice a week to restore your skin's radiance.

  • For mature skin showing a loss of tone, you can treat yourself with a tightening mask once or twice a week to restore volume and firmness to your facial skin.

As a general rule, a face mask is used twice a week at the most, or even only once. It depends on the ingredients the face mask contains. For example, clay masks have a tendency to tighten and dry out the skin. That's why once a week is more than enough. However, using a face mask too regularly risks attacking and irritating the face's very sensitive skin.


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