Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Dangers peau mélange huile d'olive et jus de citron bronzage.

How Safe Is Lemon and Olive Oil to Tan?

Numerous combinations of ingredients are said to promote tanning. One of them is the combination of olive oil and lemon juice. Is it really beneficial? Are there any risks to the skin? Find out in this article.

Published February 29, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 2 min read

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Tanning: Where Does This Come From?

The new lemon juice and olive oil tanning trend has recently appeared on social media: apply a blend of both to the skin before sun exposure. According to enthusiasts, the result is a tanned complexion in just a few hours.

The reasoning behind this is as follows: because of its oily texture, olive oil is often considered a tanning agent capable of absorbing the sun's rays and intensifying the tan. Lemon juice is added to the mix for its exfoliating properties. Lemon juice is thought to help eliminate dead skin cells, thus promoting an even tan.

Is Tanning With Olive Oil and Lemon Dangerous for the Skin?

The topical application of the blend of lemon juice and olive oil to tan is highly inadvisable and dangerous for the skin. In fact, lemon juice poses a problem when it comes to sun exposure, as it is photosensitizing, i.e., it increases the skin's sensitivity to UV rays. As a result, all the following risks are increased when lemon juice is used prior to sun exposure: dry skin, sunburn, pigmentation spots, premature aging of the skin, cancer…

In addition, dermatologists believe that olive oil is responsible for increasing the penetration of the sun's UV rays into the skin. This reaction can be compared to pouring oil on a fire. People who applied only olive oil to tan, lemon juice alone or a mixture of both to their skin saw their skin burn. So, far from promoting a beautiful tan, the tendency of tanning with olive oil and lemon juice causes redness and is aggressive to the skin.


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