Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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Mode d'utilisation de l'hydrolat de bleuet.

How to apply cornflower hydrosol?

Known botanically as Centaurea cyanus, the cornflower is a member of the Asteraceae family. It is used not only to beautify green spaces, but also as a medicinal plant or condiment. In cosmetology, cornflower hydrosol is used to create treatments for specific uses.

A reminder of the properties of cornflower.

In cosmetology, cornflower is used in the form of a hydrosol, a solution obtained after the distillation of the plant. Less concentrated than essential oil, this formula nonetheless contains all the active principles of cornflower. Cornflower hydrosol is known for its decongestant, soothing properties, against inflammation or preventing the proliferation of bacteria. It also restores radiance and vitality to the skin. It is used for facial skin, and more specifically, the eye contour.

How to use cornflower hydrosol on the eye contour?

Cornflower hydrosol is among the few treatments that can be applied to the eye contour. It is favored for its decongestant properties that eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes. With daily application, it reduces the intensity of the color of dark circles, resulting in a less tired appearance. This formula also soothes irritated eyes, red eyes, and swollen eyelids. Thanks to the cornflower hydrosol, microcirculation of blood is stimulated. As a result, the fluid that accumulates in the form of bags under the eyes is easily drained.

The application of cornflower hydrosol should be done regularly. To reduce dark circles and puffiness, soak a cotton pad or compress in the solution and apply it to each of your eyes every morning upon waking. Let it sit for a few minutes. To enhance its effect, combine this treatment with cold. To do this, place the cornflower hydrosol in the refrigerator. All you need to do is pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and place it on your eye.

How to use cornflower hydrosol on the skin?

Cornflower hydrosol is suitable for all skin types. However, it is particularly recommended for individuals with sensitive, reactive, or irritated skin. It contains astringent active ingredients, capable of combating inflammation. Therefore, it is advised for relieving skin prone to rosacea, irritations, or sunburn. Moreover, cornflower hydrosol possesses ideal properties for refreshing the complexion and toning the skin. Due to its astringent properties, this treatment revitalizes the epidermis, whether used alone or in combination with other treatments such as white clay. Exhibiting a remarkable action in the prevention of fine lines, cornflower hydrosol is a valuable ally for mature skin.

The organic and vegan cornflower hydrosol we offer can be applied daily to the facial skin. To ensure its effectiveness, it should only be applied to thoroughly cleansed skin. It is best to use it before your usual serum and/or cream. You can incorporate it into your morning or evening beauty routine. It's good to know that cornflower hydrosol is an aqueous solution that you can apply with a cotton pad or directly with your fingers over your entire face.


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