New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Comment éviter les irritations provoquées par le frottement des cuisses ?

How To Avoid Irritation Caused by Friction on the Thighs?

Some people sometimes suffer from irritation on the inner thighs related to friction. Usually, these unpleasant sensations are more pronounced in summer due to heat and sweat. Follow our tips to best avoid friction and related irritation.

What Causes Friction on the Thighs?

Contrary to popular belief, thigh rubbing, and therefore thighs touching each other, does not only affect overweight people. The physique also plays a role in most cases. Thus, a person with average physique or even a slim person can also be affected by this discomfort, depending on how their legs are shaped.

Normally, friction is not a nuisance. It is only when temperatures rise in the summer that they can cause discomfort in the lives of those affected.

In the heat, the friction between the thighs leads to increased sweating, which in turn leads to redness, irritated skin, small pimples, burning and in the worst case even cracks. Walking can then become really tedious and painful.

But how can you keep the inner thighs dry and avoid this kind of discomfort?

How Can You Avoid Rubbing Your Thighs?

Fortunately, there are several ways to mitigate the friction on the thighs and thus avoid the risk of irritation.

  • The choice of clothing

Do not hesitate any longer! The shorty is the garment you should put under a skirt or dress to stay comfortable throughout the day and prevent friction between your thighs. Since shorties can get warm quickly, they should be made of a lightweight, soft or even sweat-resistant fabric.

  • Insulating creams

There are creams that are designed to reduce friction between the thighs. They are usually thick and oily, so they form a protective film on the skin. They may also contain repairing and soothing ingredients that reduce irritation and redness. Their sometimes quite heavy texture requires a few minutes to "dry" before you can put on your clothes.

It may be useful to apply our nourishing body cream Squalane 10% + Shea butter in larger quantities on the inner thighs to prevent possible irritation caused by friction on the thighs. It is 99% natural origin and enriched with nourishing active ingredients, restores the lipid barrier of the skin and reduces feelings of tension.

  • Talc

This mineral powder is known to absorb moisture and excess perspiration. Therefore, it can be effective for rubbing and irritated thighs. Nevertheless, this compound leaves white, sometimes dirty marks on clothes. Moreover, today it is largely controversial. In 2012, ANSES concluded that the presence of asbestos fibers in some talc deposits cannot be ruled out. In addition, studies have shown that inhalation of talc has harmful effects on the respiratory system. In addition, there is a proven link between talc applied to the female genital area and certain forms of ovarian cancer.

Although talc can be a great help for irritation caused by friction on the thighs, use it sparingly and as far away from your intimate area as possible.

  • Certain vegetable oils

Some vegetable oils are particularly rich and occlusive. They ensure that the thighs can slide against each other more fluidly, preventing possible irritation and pain. For example, you can use monoi oil, coconut oil or wild rose oil.

  • Vaseline

Vaseline is a strong film-forming polymer that creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin, reducing friction between the thighs. Nevertheless, this compound is obtained through the synthesis of petrochemical derivatives. As a reminder, according to the current European Cosmetics Regulation, petrolatum is prohibited in cosmetic products unless "the full refining history is known and it can be demonstrated that the substance from which it is derived is not carcinogenic."

  • The anti-chafing tapes

There are elastic bands that are designed to prevent friction between the thighs. These bands look like garters and are placed at the top of the thighs over the areas that touch with each movement. They are made of a breathable fabric to prevent sweat from accumulating. They are sometimes sold in pharmacies, but also on the Internet.


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