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How to hydrate your hands daily?

How to hydrate your hands daily?

Hands are assaulted daily by detergents, cold weather, and frequent contact with water. These aggressions promote dryness, which is the root cause of chapping, redness, and tightness. Moreover, the application of hand sanitizer several times a day exacerbates this dryness. Discover some tips for daily hand hydration.


Daily habits to adopt for maintaining the hydration of your hands.

Repeated hand washing, detergents, soap, or even hand sanitizer are factors that promote hand dehydration. Indeed, the daily and frequent use of soap or hand sanitizer several times a day damages the lipid protective film of the epidermis, whose role is to protect the skin. Without protection, it easily dehydrates and then becomes prone to redness and feelings of discomfort. Here are some actions that will allow you to keep your hands hydrated:

  • Choose a hydroalcoholic solution concentrated in emollient actives (glycerol/glycerin, aloe vera, etc...) to keep the skin in good condition;

  • Wash your hands with a gentle cold-processed soap that has the advantage of being rich in vegetable glycerin and vegetable oil. It allows you to wash your hands while moisturizing and nourishing the skin;

  • Rinse your hands with lukewarm water and not with hot water, as this promotes skin dryness;

  • Wear gloves when you go out in winter. Indeed, the cold has a drying effect on the skin;

  • When you apply your nourishing balm, remember to massage your hands to stimulate blood circulation.

Which care should be adopted to hydrate one's hands?

All these actions help to maintain hand hydration. However, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing treatment to keep the skin supple and soft. You can use the nourishing balm with 10 ingredients that helps to hydrate the skin and strengthen the skin barrier. It notably contains hyaluronic acid, organic coconut oil, and sunflower oil.

Hyaluronic acid is renowned for its moisturizing properties. Indeed, this molecule can retain up to a thousand times its weight in water. It deeply hydrates the skin and maintains this hydration over time. Rich in saturated fatty acids, coconut oil nourishes the skin and helps prevent dehydration by creating a protective film on the surface, leaving the skin soft to the touch. On the other hand, sunflower oil helps combat oxidation and contributes to the protection of the skin against free radicals.


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