Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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How To Obtain the Cells of Jasmine?

How To Obtain the Cells of Jasmine?

The INCI name is "Jasminum Sambac (Jasmine) Leaf Cell Extract" These native jasmine cells prevent and reduce UV-related skin damage and protect skin cells when exposed to sunlight. Their environmentally friendly extraction process is presented in this article.

Sambac Jasmine, the National Flower of Indonesia and the Philippines

Arabian jasmine, botanical name Jasminum sambac, is a plant native to tropical Asia. Because of its fragrance and sacred significance in Asian religions, it is one of the most famous flowers; it opens at the end of the day to better reveal all its olfactory power. The symbolic power is rich – because this flower represents purity, gentleness, femininity and nobility.

Extraction of Native Jasmine Cells

Native jasmine cells are cells taken locally from the plant. To obtain them, an environmentally friendly and biodiversity-protecting biotechnological process is required. This involves several steps:

  1. Plant selection and sampling: taking a piece from the plant (leaves or other) ;

  2. In-vitro culture of the extracted part of the plant: Several growths on a new nutrient medium composed of water, minerals, sugars and vitamins;

  3. Elicitation: stimulation of the cell culture by UV and visible light to produce metabolites (active molecules);

  4. Rinsing: removing all traces of the culture medium;

  5. Filtration of the cells;

  6. Sonication of the cells and dispersion of the extract in sunflower oil.

This type of extraction preserves all the active molecules present in the plant cells, which gives this compound a complementary action to other plant extracts (vegetable oils, essential oils and hydrolates).

What Are the Skin Benefits of Native Jasmine Cells?

First of all, these compounds can protect the DNA of the cells and slow down the damage induced by UV, IR and blue light. Native jasmine cells strengthen the firmness, suppleness and elasticity of the skin by maintaining the level of the main components of the dermis such as proteoglycans (hyaluronic acid), collagen and elastin proteins. They also revitalize the radiance of the complexion and ensure an even complexion. Likewise, they act against redness by promoting the microcirculation of the skin.

Because of their effect on the skin, about 375,000 native jasmine cells are included in this Botanical Assembly. This night serum is preferably used in the evening before going to bed. This ensures that the skin looks radiant when you wake up. It is worth noting that this serum is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to the essential oils it contains.


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