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Mode d'utilisation masque purifiant.

How to use the purifying mask?

Redness, dull complexion, blackheads... the skin endures various discomforts due to external aggressions. Beyond daily routines such as cleansing, removing makeup, and hydrating, the use of a facial mask is recommended. The treatment is chosen based on the targeted issues. For those with combination to oily skin, a purifying mask is appropriate. This treatment allows for the deep removal of impurities accumulated on the face and reduces imperfections. But how should it be applied to take full advantage of its benefits?

Published August 7, 2023, updated on February 16, 2024, by Manon, Scientific Editor — 5 min read

Purifying Mask: Why Should You Use One?

The skin is subject to external aggressions, such as heat, wind, cold, tobacco, and pollution. These exposures can make it dull and lead to the appearance of redness, blackheads , or pimples. To deeply cleanse it, the application of a mask can be of great help.

Purifying, this treatment is capable of absorbing excess sebum, thus preventing the pores from becoming clogged. This property is possible thanks to active ingredients widely recognized for their absorbent properties such as clay or charcoal. Furthermore, the purifying mask eliminates blackheads, restoring the skin's smooth and matte appearance.

How to use our purifying mask?

Thanks to its concentration of active ingredients, the purifying mask works deeply to address skin issues. As a result, the skin is cleansed and imperfections are eliminated.

  1. To optimize the effects of the mask, it should be applied to skin that has been previously cleaned and dried. Therefore, prepare your skin with a cleanser and a scrub to unclog the pores;

  2. Then take a dab of mask and spread it in a semi-thick layer over the entire face using a brush or your fingers, taking care to avoid the eye and lip contours;

    Note : The facial care needs vary depending on the area and skin type. For oily skin, it is recommended to apply a purifying mask over the entire face to eliminate the excess sebum characteristic of this skin type. For those with a combination skin, the application of a purifying mask in the T-zone is recommended. Indeed, this part of the face has a larger number of sebaceous glands that produce more sebum.

  3. Allow it to sit for 5 to 15 minutes. Be sure to adhere to the time indicated on the instructions;

    Note : For purifying masks made of 100% clay, it is important not to let them dry out completely. It is preferable to keep them moist to avoid excessive skin dryness and tightness.

  4. Before rinsing, massage your face in circular motions, then rinse thoroughly with warm water, without scrubbing. It is possible to use reusable makeup remover pads to remove the mask;

  5. Continue with the application of a serum and a moisturizing cream.

How often should a purifying mask be used?

A purifying mask can be used once to twice a week to prevent over-drying of the skin. As for 100% clay masks, once a week is sufficient, as this type of mask is more drying.

After how long can we observe the first results?

It is possible to observe some immediate effects after using a purifying mask, such as a temporary reduction in shine due to the removal of excess sebum. However, for more significant results, such as a reduction in blackheads, it could take a few weeks of regular use.


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