New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Les SPF peuvent-ils s'additionner ?

If I apply different sunscreens, do the SPFs add up?

Protecting the skin from UV rays is crucial in order to slow down premature skin aging. To benefit from effective protection, sun care products are significant allies. Are you looking to boost their performance and wondering if SPF values can be added together? We answer this question in this article.

Published February 20, 2024, by Stéphanie, Doctorate in Life and Health Sciences — 2 min read

In the morning, in addition to applying a sunscreen to your face, you also use a day cream and a tinted makeup with an SPF, and you may wonder if the combination of all these products allows for the addition of the SPFs? The answer is no. Protection factors cannot be accumulated.

However, it may be beneficial to combine skincare products with sunscreens, as a certain amount is required to achieve the sun protection factor (SPF) value indicated on the label. Indeed, studies have shown that the majority of users do not apply enough, using only about a quarter of the recommended amount. Consequently, the protection distributed on the skin is well below the stated value.

Thus, the application of multiple skincare products equipped with sun filters adds more protection to the skin, serving as supplements to the initial layer. Moreover, it's not always easy to evenly apply a sun care product in one go. By combining them, you increase the chances of covering a large surface of the face.

As a reminder, to benefit from the protection factor stated on the packaging, one must apply a sufficient amount of sun care product, 2 mg per cm² of skin or approximately 2.5 fingers' worth on the face, neck, and ears.

Little tip: Apply the sun care product in several layers to avoid the feeling of too much material on the skin. This also makes the application process easier.


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