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In What Products Is Salicylic Acid Found?

In What Products Is Salicylic Acid Found?

Salicylic acid is an organic element that comes in the form of a colorless crystal. It is found in several plants such as the willow bark from which it takes its name. Its exfoliating, soothing and sebum-regulating properties make it an excellent choice for treating acne and blemishes. It is also an excellent active ingredient to take care of your hair and scalp.

What are the Benefits of Salicylic Acid?

When applied topically, salicylic acid has many benefits. It is particularly recommended for oily and acne-prone skin because of its sebum-regulating and antiseptic properties. It prevents the growth and proliferation of fungi, viruses and bacteria, such as Cutibacterium acnes, the micro-organism that causes inflammatory reactions in acne. It also has a keratolytic effect and stimulates cell renewal. The pores are tightened and the complexion illuminated. Finally, its soothing properties help to reduce the symptoms associated with inflammation. Thus, in the treatment of acne, it calms the painful pimples and reduces visibly the redness.

In hair care, salicylic acid cleanses the scalp and helps eliminate any flakes and dandruff that may be present. It can also be used to restore shine to dull and broken hair.

Products Containing Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic acid is present in many cosmetic products. For the face and body, it can be found in various forms such as lotions, serums, night creams, cleansers, masks and toners. In hair care, it is found in certain shampoos, masks and lotions. It is even present in certain make-up products such as complexion powders to which it brings a purifying and radiance-enhancing action.

According to the regulation (EC) n°1223/2009 on cosmetic products, its incorporation rate must not exceed 2% in a facial care product.

Typology has developed two treatments with salicylic acid, to be used as a cure or during your beauty routine.

This serum contains 2% salicylic acid and 1% zinc, for an overall purifying and anti-bacterial effect. It is applied in the evening, in small quantities, only on the concerned areas. One drop of salicylic acid is sufficient per isolated pimple. The first results can be observed after three days.

Concentrated in anti-bacterial active ingredients to fight effectively against pimples and imperfections, this toner is applied to the whole face after cleansing. Make sure to avoid the eye contour, and apply preferably in the evening before the daily serum or night cream. It limits the development of bacteria and refines the texture of the skin.


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