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Heavy Legs

Definition: An uncomfortable sensation of heaviness, tension in the lower limbs, is linked to a stagnation of blood circulation in certain areas and a dilation of the veins. Unlike arteries, the walls of veins lack muscle fibers. Therefore, they require assistance to counteract gravity and return blood to the heart. The pressure from the soles of the feet and the contraction of the calf muscles facilitate this return. However, when the veins are less elastic or the valves (an anti-gravity system that prevents blood from flowing backward) function less effectively, circulation slows down. This can sometimes be accompanied by cramps, tingling, or edema. Over time, this condition can progress to the formation of varicose veins.
Internal and external causes: Hereditary factors, heat, overweight, obesity, prolonged periods of sitting, standing or lying down, aging, hormonal imbalances (pregnancy, menstruation, menopause), sedentary lifestyle.
How to reduce or eliminate: Perform a lymphatic drainage massage from the ankle to the thighs using a product containing menthol, arnica, witch hazel, or camphor; finish your shower with a cold water jet from the feet to the knees; wear compression stockings or tights; elevate your legs.
Preventative steps to take: Maintaining regular physical activity; avoiding wearing overly tight clothing or high heels; refraining from excessively hot baths; elevating your legs when seated or lying in bed; adopting a balanced diet; avoiding remaining in the same position for too long; refraining from crossing your legs when seated; regularly scheduling massage sessions.