New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Sur quelle partie du corps appliquer un déodorant ?

Putting on Deodorant: Which Parts of the Body?

Deodorant is an essential hygiene product. It provides a feeling of freshness and prevents unpleasant odors in hot weather, during sporting activities or simply during a busy day. However, it must be applied correctly to avoid health issues. But, where to put deodorant? What are the rules to follow to ensure long-lasting results? Here's an overview.

How to Use Deodorant on the Armpits.

Deodorant is a hygiene product that fights unpleasant odors by eliminating bacteria on the skin's surface, in the underarm area. It can also act by absorbing moisture, thanks to the presence of porous powders such as diatomaceous earth or white clay.

Many people of all genders are putting on deodorant on a daily basis. However, certain rules of use are sometimes overlooked when applying deodorant. But these are essential, as they help to limit irritation. Follow our advice on how to care for your armpits.

  • Before applying a stick, roll-on, spray or cream deodorant, make sure your skin is clean and dry. You won't get the desired results if your armpits are still damp, especially after a shower.

  • If you're already sweating, avoid superimposing layers of deodorant. The bacteria responsible for unpleasant odors have already started to develop on your epidermis. In this case, you should clean your armpits with soap and water before applying a new layer of deodorant.

  • Just waxed or shaved? Wait a few hours before applying deodorant to your armpits. Otherwise, some ingredients, such as alcohol, may irritate your skin. Ethanol is often added to deodorants to speed up their drying time.

  • For deodorant to protect against unpleasant odors, it must evenly cover the underarms.

Can I Apply Deodorant on Feet?

No, putting on deodorant on feet is not recommended, as conventional underarm deodorants and antiperspirants are for this area only.

However, there are deodorants specially designed for feet, especially for cases of excessive, unpleasant perspiration. These are generally available in spray or gel form. They can be applied directly to the feet or sprayed into shoes. Foot deodorants can be bought in pharmacies or on the Internet.

And if your feet do sweat, there are a few simple steps you can take to avoid unpleasant odors and discomfort:

  • Opt for a wash with soap designed to block the proliferation of bacteria.

  • Dry every inch of your feet before putting on your shoes.

  • If you have sensitive feet, avoid synthetic socks wherever possible, preferring cotton.

  • Change your socks regularly.

Private Parts: Deodorant or Not?

Unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer, deodorant should never be applied to or near intimate parts, such as the groin. This care product may contain :

  • Allergenic fragrances;

  • Suspected endocrine-disrupting ingredients such as parabens and triclosan;

  • Disinfectants and anti-microbial agents that can destabilize vaginal flora.

Although there are deodorants for intimate parts on the market, most gynecologists and other doctors advise against using them. We advise you to use this type of product only occasionally. The same applies to wipes. You can, for example, use these intimate care products when traveling or when you can't shower after a sports session.


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