Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Reviews on Our Glycolic Acid Products.

Reviews on Our Glycolic Acid Products.

Glycolic acid is a natural organic acid that is part of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family, like lactic acid. It is generally found in exfoliating products for its ability to accelerate the loss of dead cells and promote cell renewal. It also brightens the complexion and smoothes irregularities on the skin's surface. Discover some opinions about our glycolic acid products.

Nassim Hamek, Product Development Manager at Typology, Shares His Opinion.

“Glycolic acid belongs to the category of fruit acids. It is known for its exfoliating properties. It unclogs pores, refines skin texture and gives a real boost to dull complexions. But beware, this substance is photo-sensitizing and can cause irritation following exposure to the sun. It is therefore preferable to apply glycolic acid products as part of your evening beauty routine. The following days, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. If you notice a strong skin reaction, stop using your glycolic acid-based skincare product.”

Reviews on Our Exfoliating Glycolic Acid Toner.

The exfoliating toner is concentrated in 8% glycolic acid and has an acidic pH like the skin. Thus, it rebalances the skin pH after each cleaning and eliminates the residues of limestone present on the skin. It refines the skin texture and eliminates dead skin. Here are some of our customers’ glycolic acid reviews.

  • Camille V. (01/04/2020): “My skin is smoother day after day and my complexion is more even.”

  • Romane P. (05/31/2021): “I feel like this product really works on my skin, when I apply it after a scrub I feel some tingling but never any irritation or redness. In the morning, my skin is smooth.”

  • Soline G. (02/11/2021): “Simple and quick application, since I use this product daily I see a clear improvement in the quality of my skin (oily tendency on the T-zone).”

  • Stephanie L. (10/19/2021): “Very effective at tightening pores. Fits perfectly into a combination or oily skin routine.”

As a result, users have noticed a change in the quality of their skin, which appears smoother with tightened pores. The glycolic acid toner may cause some tingling upon application, but this is usually largely tolerable. However, if you notice too much irritation, stop using it.

Glycolic Acid Reviews: Our Exfoliating Serum.

Composed of 10% glycolic acid, the exfoliating serum will affect the quality and texture of the skin by tightening pores and smoothing skin texture, thanks to its stimulating effect on cell renewal. We recommend that you use it during your evening skin care routine for at least 4 weeks to observe its effects. Find below some of our users' opinions on this serum.

  • Sabrina G. (06/11/2019): “Excellent serum that is very easy to use. After only a few days of use I could already feel my skin smoother and my pores less dilated. Many blackheads were dislodged, and I continue to use the serum in the hope that they will all disappear! A purchase I absolutely do not regret.” 

  • Alice P. (05/21/2019): “I had visible glycolic acid ‘before and after’ effects within three weeks: improvement of my skin texture, smoother effect.”

  • Urman M. (01/06/2019): “After 3 weeks of use, I have almost no clogged pores!!! I love it!”

  • Marine B. (05/07/2021): “I've been using this serum for about two weeks, and you can tell it's working on the skin. Pores are less dilated and blackheads and pimples are coming out. So far, the action is ongoing, but it's pretty encouraging.”

Users of this glycolic acid product thus observe a real improvement in their blemishes and enlarged pores after only a few weeks of use. The serum may cause some tingling upon application, but this is generally quite tolerable. However, if you notice too much irritation, stop using it. In any case, apply it only in the evening and protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sun cream the next day and the following days.


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