New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Week 4

Week 4

Published February 29, 2024, by Maylis, Chemical Engineer — 2 min read


The week before menstruation, days 22 to 28, is often dreaded because of the appearance of imperfections that are triggered during this time.

Progesterone levels, which have been steadily increasing for a week, continue to stimulate the production of sebum, making the skin appear oily and shiny. This is the dreaded time of the month where imperfections appear that are caused by the bacteria that proliferates inside the pores and creates inflammation.

At the end of the week, unless you become pregnant, your body realizes that its egg hasn’t been fertilized. As a result, your progesterone levels drop, triggering your period. And so begins a new cycle.

Acting like warning signs of your period’s arrival, one or more pimples may appear during this week.

Discover the mattifying and anti-imperfection serum for this week 4.

Discover the 4 serums in the set.

Each serum is adapted to the week that corresponds with your cycle

Week 1: hydrating and soothing serum

Week 2: radiance and suppleness serum

Week 3: hydrating and astringent serum

Week 4: mattifying and anti-blemish serum

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