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Huile d’amande douce : quels sont ses effets sur les cheveux ?

Sweet Almond Oil: What are its effects on hair?

Sweet Almond Oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids of the omega 9 type as well as vitamin E. When applied to hair, it is particularly recommended for dry scalps and split ends due to its nourishing and repairing properties.

Sweet Almond Oil, a brief overview.

The almond tree is a fruit-bearing tree whose flowers are the first to appear at the end of winter, despite the morning frosts.This fruit tree is primarily cultivated in the southern regions, from the Alpes-Maritimes to the western Pyrenees, including Corsica..

This refers to a vegetable oil obtained from the cold pressing of the seeds from the fruits of the almond tree. To produce 1 L of sweet almond oil, approximately 2 to 3 kg of almonds are required. It is almost odorless and its texture is fluid with a greasy touch. It is generally pale yellow in color, but it can be slightly darker, depending on the production conditions.

In cosmetics, its I.N.C.I. name is "Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil". Sweet almond oil is primarily recognized for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. It is used to maintain the skin, scalp, and hair.

The effects of sweet almond oil on hair.

Sweet almond oil can provide benefits todry and brittle hair. Indeed, dry hair results from alack of sebum productionat the scalp level. This can stem from the use of a harsh treatment that denatures the structure of the hair fiber or from a decrease in cell activity with age. However, this lack of sebum can be compensated for by an intake of essential fatty acids. Composed mainly of omega 9 fatty acids (62 to 86% oleic acid), sweet almond oil can provide this intake. Moreover, hydrating the hair gives it flexibility and shine. In the case of curly hair, sweet almond oil helps define the curls, while strengthening the elasticity of the hair fibers. Detangled, they are thus easier to style.

Beyond its effect on the appearance of hair, sebum is a component of the hair's protective film, known as the hydrolipidic film. As its name suggests, this protective layer shields hair fibers from external aggressors, primarily pollution and UV rays.By strengthening this film, sweet almond oil contributes even more to the protection of hair fibers.

Furthermore, hair aging is characterized by the appearance of gray and white hairs, as well as the weakening of hair fibers, which promotes their loss. While this is a natural phenomenon, it can be significantly accelerated by oxidation reactions due to pollution, exposure to UV rays, smoking, etc. Containing vitamin E and phytosterols, known for their antioxidant power,sweet almond oil can provide protection for the hair against oxidative stress. The tocopherol and phytosterols neutralize free radicals to prevent them from causing damage and maintain good hair quality for as long as possible.

How to use it? Apply it directly to dry hair, focusing on the lengths and ends, two to three times a week.

In which hair care products can one find sweet almond oil?

Hazelnut oil is gentle and suitable for everyone without any contraindications. Pregnant women and young children can use it.

It is found in many hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, hair balms, creams, conditioners, masks, treatment oils...). At Typology, it is included in the calming scalp treatment Bisabolol 1% + cotton extract. To apply it, simply drop a few drops onto your dry scalp once a day, in the morning or evening, and massage. This treatment does not require rinsing.


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