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Sweet Almond Oil: What are its effects on stretch marks during pregnancy?

The body undergoes numerous changes during pregnancy. The skin is one of the body parts that is subject to disturbances during this period, including the appearance of stretch marks. Fortunately, sweet almond oil can be used to prevent their formation or reduce their appearance.

Stretch marks: causes, origin, and definition.

Stretch marks aremicro-lesions, visible on the skin's surface, very common and comparable to scars that affect many people, both women and men, although they are more frequent in women. Stretch marks are located on certain parts of the body such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, hips, and chest, the lower back, upper arms, and the inner side of the knees. They appear on the skin aselongated lines or streaks, often purplish at first, then pink, and finally pearly white.

The depth and color indicate the stage of stretch mark evolution. Indeed, we can distinguish two phases:

  • The acute/inflammatory phase which is characterized by reddish-purple lesions with a somewhat raised appearance at the time of their formation, due to the dilation of blood vessels, and which can be, in some cases, symptomatic either painful or irritating.

  • The chronic/scarring phase is characterized by hypopigmented (white) streaks and is asymptomatic.

During pregnancy, stretch marks are primarily caused by a rapid stretching of the skin, which disrupts and disorganizes its structure. This sudden stretching leads to a breakage of collagen fibers and triggers the formation of stretch marks that resemble cracks on the skin's surface. Stretch marks are typically located on parts of the body that can gain volume such as the thighs, breasts, hips, and particularly the abdomen during pregnancy. Stretch marks are common during this period, especially in cases of early pregnancy, rapid weight gain, a large baby, or a certain position of the uterus.

The benefits of sweet almond oil on stretch marks.

The vegetable oil of sweet almond is naturally abundant in essential fatty acids. Its application on the skin thus allows it to nourish and soften deeply. Depending on how it is used, it has many interesting properties to prevent and/or mitigate stretch marks.

  • Healing

Sweet almond oil was already used in traditional medicine to promote healing. It has restorative properties when applied to the skin, which makes it beneficial for reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

  • Soothing

When they begin to appear, stretch marks bring about unpleasant sensations of tension and pulling. They also cause the skin to dry out. The application of sweet almond oil can alleviate these discomforting sensations and moisturize the dried-out skin.

  • Softening

To limit the formation of stretch marks due to sudden skin stretching, it is recommended to apply sweet almond oil to soften it. Containing vitamin A, sweet almond oil enhances the natural flexibility and elasticity of the skin.

  • Gentle and without contraindications

Naturally derived, sweet almond oil is suitable for all skin types. Unlike essential oils, vegetable oils can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, it is a natural and safe way to combat stretch marks during pregnancy.

Discover the anti-stretch mark gel-in-oil, enriched with sweet almond oil.

Ourstretch mark gel-to-oilwith baobab oil (INCI name: "Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil") meets all these criteria. It helps to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Moreover, it provides elasticity and suppleness to the skin. This treatment is enriched with healing baobab oil, nourishing sweet almond oil (INCI name: "Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil"), regenerating maracuja oil (INCI name: "Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil"), plum oil for its emollient and softening virtues (INCI name: "Prunus Domestica Seed Extract"), aloe vera juice for its anti-inflammatory properties (INCI name: "Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice") and shea olein (INCI name: "Butyrospermum Parkii Oil"), which is both nourishing and protective.

Furthermore, this gel-to-oil combines two different textures for easy and pleasant daily use. Under the effect of massage, the gel gently transforms into oil for facilitated massage and faster deep penetration of active ingredients. Thestretch mark oilthen leaves the skin soft, supple, and nourished, without any greasy or sticky finish.


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