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Les bienfaits de l'huile de noisette sur les cheveux

The Benefits of Hazelnut Oil on Your Hair

Hazelnut oil is derived from the cold pressing of the fruits of the hazelnut tree with the botanical name Corylus avellana. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids of the omega 9 type. In capillary application, it is particularly recommended for oily scalps, because of its sebum regulating properties. It is also recommended for dry hair, thanks to its emollient effect.

Hazelnut Oil Regulates Sebum Production

The sebum-regulating properties of hazelnut vegetable oil makes it an excellent treatment for hair that regrays quickly and for unbalanced scalps.

Unlike dry hair, oily hair produces an excessive amount of sebum. This can cause hair to become sticky, shiny and flat. The presence of oily dandruff is also common. In fact, it is the result of an inflammatory reaction following an accumulation of pollution and impurities on the scalp.

To cleanse this area, opt for a hazelnut oil massage before each wash, two to three times a week. At the base of the hair, put two to three drops of hazelnut oil in your hand and massage the scalp. It is possible to leave this oil on for a few minutes to an hour before shampooing.

Hazelnut Oil Nourishes, Repairs and Moisturizes Your Hair

Although it is more recommended for oily hair, hazelnut oil can also be beneficial for dry and brittle hair.

Indeed, dry hair results from a lack of sebum production in the scalp. This can be caused by the use of an aggressive treatment that denatures the structure of the hair fiber or by a decrease in cell activity with age. However, this lack of sebum can be compensated for by providing essential fatty acids. Consisting mainly of omega 9 fatty acids (about 80% oleic acid), hazelnut oil can provide this supply. In addition, moisturizing hair gives it suppleness and shine. In the case of curly hair, hazelnut oil helps define curls, while strengthening the elasticity of hair fibers. Detangled, it is thus easier to style.

Hazelnut Oil Protects Your Hair

In addition to its effect on the appearance of hair, sebum is part of the composition of the protective film of hair, namely the hydrolipidic film. As its name suggests, this protective layer protects hair fibers from external aggressions, mainly pollution and UV rays. By reinforcing this film, hazelnut oil contributes even more to the protection of hair fibers.

Moreover, the aging of hair is characterized by the appearance of gray and white hair as well as the weakening of hair fibers that promotes their fall. If it is a natural phenomenon, it can be largely accelerated by oxidation reactions due to pollution, exposure to UV rays, smoking, etc. Containing vitamin E, known for its antioxidant power, hazelnut oil can protect hair against oxidative stress. Tocopherol neutralizes free radicals to prevent them from harming and maintain beautiful hair quality for as long as possible.

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