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bags under the eyes

The different types of bags under the eyes.

There are two types of bags under the eyes: those filled with water and those filled with fat cells. Here's how to recognize them and what treatments you should use to reduce them.

The different types of bags under the eyes.

Lack of sleep, stress, smoking and alcohol consumption. Under eye bags are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Unsightly and swollen, they weigh down the eyes and make you look older, more tired and sad. There are two categories of bags:

  • Puffiness under the eyes, known as adipose bags:

    The skin of the lower eyelid gradually slackens with the accumulation of suborbital fat. With age, the production of collagen and elastin decreases. Associated with the effect of gravity, there is a downward shift of the tissue, which protects the eyeball, accumulates in the lower eyelid. There is no miracle cure for these bags. However, their appearance can be minimized by a healthy lifestyle. This will promote proper aging of the tissues, especially the facial tissues, which are particularly sensitive to external aggressions. The only effective technique is to surgically remove the excess cells from the lower eyelid.

  • Puffiness under the eyes, known as watery bags:

    Often very noticeable in the morning, bags under the eyes fade as the morning progresses. This type of bag is the result of the accumulation of liquid in the area under the eyes. When lying down, blood and lymph stagnate more easily in the vessels, which then become filled with fluid. Under the effect of blood pressure, the watery part escapes from the capillaries and ends up in the extravascular sector, forming bags under the eyes. It is therefore an edema of the lower eyelid, which forms throughout the night, and reaches its maximum volume upon waking. Everyone is likely to notice the appearance of these bags when they wake up. An insufficiency of lymphatic and venous drainage would be correlated to this phenomenon because it favors the passage of liquid from the vascular sector to the extravascular sector.

Reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes with Typology products.

We have developed two types of care products to act in depth on these skin problems, but also to camouflage their appearance from an aesthetic point of view:

  • The eye serum with caffeine and niacinamide helps to reduce the appearance of blue or even purplish dark circles. Containing decongesting ingredients, it also helps reduce the swollen appearance of under-eye bags for a more radiant look.

  • Tinted Concealer is a hybrid formula between makeup and skincare that blurs dark circles and puffiness in one step. It is enriched with caffeine, niacinamide and cornflower hydrolate to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness in the long term.


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