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Bienfaits huile d'abricot cheveux

The hair benefits of apricot oil.

Just like the skin, hair is exposed daily to numerous external factors that can weaken and damage it. The use of plant oils to protect it and maintain healthy, radiant hair is often recommended. Find more information here about apricot oil and discover all its benefits for hair.

Published April 9, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 4 min read

Apricot oil for taking care of one's scalp.

The apricot oil extracted from the kernels of Prunus armeniaca is a vegetable oil primarily composed of omega-9 (oleic acid) and omega-6 (linoleic acid). This richness in unsaturated fatty acids is the source of many of its hair benefits. Apricot oil can be used on the scalp to strengthen the hydrolipidic film present on its surface and soothe any potential irritations. However, it should be noted that the apricot oil has a relatively greasy texture. Therefore, it is recommended to incorporate a few drops into your shampoo and not to apply it pure on the scalp.

Beyond its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, apricot oil has demonstrated its ability to reduce oxidative stress within cells and eliminate free radicals. This antioxidant activity is particularly beneficial in protecting hair follicles at the root, which are vulnerable to free radical attacks. Indeed, the repeated action of these unstable molecules can disrupt the melanogenesis process and accelerate the onset of gray hair. Moreover, free radicals can interfere with the hair cycle and precipitate hair loss. The antioxidant properties of apricot oil can help prevent these issues and protect the scalp and hair fibers.

Note : The antioxidant properties of apricot oil have been demonstrated in several studies in vitro but it's important to keep in mind that there is currently no evidence that this botanical extract can slow down the onset of gray hair and hair loss. However, it has been well established that apricot oil promotes hydration and soothing of the scalp.

Apricot oil for protecting and enhancing the shine of your hair length.

Apricot oil is frequently used for hair care, particularly in oil baths. Practiced once or twice a week, this method deeply nourishes the hair fibers and helps them maintain their viscoelastic properties. However, be careful not to completely drench your hair in apricot oil. As mentioned earlier, this vegetable oil is relatively greasy and, if applied excessively, it could weigh down your hair and weaken it. Therefore, one to two drops per strand are more than sufficient.

The benefits of apricot oil on the texture, quality, and shine of hair can once again be explained by its biochemical composition. Indeed, the oleic acid it contains is one of the natural constituents of sebum. This is synthesized by the sebaceous glands present at the scalp level before naturally flowing along the hair fibers and coating them, thus ensuring their hydration and protection. However, the repeated friction against clothing or overly aggressive brushing can weaken this film. The application of apricot oil helps to restore it.

Furthermore, through biomimicry, apricot oil can penetrate the hair cuticle, the outermost part, to strengthen the intercellular cement composed of lipids. In doing so, it contributes to the cohesion of scale-like cells. This cohesion is necessary for the hair's impermeability and helps protect internal layers such as the cortex. The latter is rich in keratin fibers, a structural protein that gives hair its flexibility and elasticity. While apricot vegetable oil can be used for all hair types, it is particularly beneficial for those with dry or damaged hair.


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