Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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What Are Face Mists for and How to Store Them Properly?

What Are Face Mists for and How to Store Them Properly?

What is face mist, and what does it do? Ideal for spring and summer, facial mist has many benefits for the skin. Based on botanical active ingredients, a mist is used to moisturize, refresh and soothe the skin with just a few spray strokes. It even protects the skin from external aggressors such as pollution and UV rays. It needs to be specially preserved to maintain its beneficial effects. Find out how and why.

What Is Face Mist, and What Does It Do?

A great ally during the summer months, a mist is a water spray enriched with botanical active ingredients and a light fragrance. What are face mists for? To gently refresh and moisturize the surface of facial skin. Light and airy, this product offers the same benefits for the skin as a face cream, with the difference that the mist is easy to apply. In a single spritz, the mist can be applied at any time of day to boost the complexion and maintain skin hydration. Much more than just spraying water on the face, botanical facial mist has specific features adapted to each skin type, depending on the formula offered. While some mists only have a moisturizing action, others contain active ingredients with purifying, soothing, anti-pollution, make-up-fixing, firming, antioxidant and other benefits…

What does a facial mist do for different skin types? For combination to oily skin or skin prone to imperfections, choose a purifying skin care mist with zinc PCA, lemon balm hydrosol, black willow bark extract and tea tree essential oil for its sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory properties. If you have mature skin, opt for the toning face mist to help stimulate collagen synthesis for more toned, firmer, plumper skin. It contains rose geranium hydrolate (toning action), beech bud extract (regenerating virtue) and Italian immortelle essential oil (active ingredient stimulating collagen synthesis). Choose the antioxidant botanical mist with green tea hydrolate, white fir seed extract and petitgrain bigarade essential oil to restore radiance and evenness to the complexion, as well as protecting the skin from free radicals. Finally, choose the moisturizing mist, which contains centifolia rose stem cells and verbena hydrosol if your skin tends to become dehydrated.

How Do I Store My Face Mist?

Now that we know what face mists are for, we can discuss their storage: As with all beauty care products, a botanical face mist is often stored in a cupboard, on a high shelf or on the edge of the bathroom sink. However, the variations in temperature and humidity observed in this room do not guarantee that the product will keep well. In fact, heat, and humidity can alter the product's properties, causing it to lose its effectiveness. Whether toning or antioxidant, mists are highly sensitive to high temperatures. They should therefore be stored in a dry place, at a temperature below 25 °C, away from heat, humidity, and light. This will optimize their effectiveness and preserve their properties. Furthermore, the mist packaging has been redesigned to guarantee optimal product preservation. Indeed, the mists are packaged in amber bottles to protect them from the sun.

However, during the warmer months, cool storage at a constant temperature is recommended. When the mist is stored in a cool place, refrigeration ensures better preservation of its active ingredients. Chilling can be useful for decongestant or calming effects. What's more, when stored in the fridge, their cooling effect is enhanced tenfold. The mist thus provides a little extra freshness with each misting. Although its formula is suitable for storage at room temperature, cold storage extends its shelf life, which is why we recommend refrigerated storage. Before placing your mist in the fridge, remember that once it's there, it's best to keep it there. Avoid cutting the cold chain. Numerous trips back and forth can lead to premature deterioration of the formula. It is therefore advisable to systematically store your care product after each use. The secret of a long-lasting mist is to avoid temperature variations, and the refrigerator is an ideal alternative to the bathroom.


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