Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Bienfaits coton pour la peau

What Are the Benefits of the Cotton Plant for Skin?

The variety of things made from cotton fibers is endless. In skincare products, it is generally found in two forms: vegetable oil (Gossypium Herbaceum Seed Oil) and cell extract (Gossypium Arboreum Leaf Cell Extract). These two compounds have soothing and softening properties.

Some General Information on Cotton.

Cotton is the vegetable fiber containing the seeds of the cotton plant, a shrub belonging to the Malvaceae family. This fiber is made of cellulose which is then transformed into yarn to make fabric. The cotton plant is a shrub mainly cultivated in tropical and/or subtropical arid regions. It can grow up to 10 meters high if its exposure to the sun is optimal.

There are several species and varieties of cotton:

  • Gossypium arboreum and Gossypium herbaceum, the most common species with short fibers and used in cosmetics;

  • Gossypium barbadense, a variety of Peruvian origin but introduced in Egypt and cultivated throughout the world. It is appreciated for the length and quality of its fibers;

  • Gossypium hirsutum, which has its origins in South America. 

In cosmetics, cotton is used in two forms: plant oil (Gossypium Herbaceum Seed Oil) and cell extract or plant stem cells (Gossypium Arboreum Leaf Cell Extract).

The Benefits of Cotton Stem Cells for the Skin.

Cotton stem cells are plant cells taken directly from the plant and multiplied in a controlled culture medium. They have soothing and antioxidant properties. They calm irritations and increase the skin's tolerance level.

They act by decreasing the release of inflammation mediators, molecules synthesized by keratinocytes in response to external aggressions but which cause a sensation of irritation. They also limit the production of free radicals induced by UV rays which accelerate skin aging. Thanks to this double action, the skin, freed from the sensations of irritations and better protected, can better defend itself against the daily aggressions and oxidations.

The Benefits of Cottonseed Oil for the Skin.

Cottonseed oil is extracted from the cold pressing of cottonseed capsules. This vegetable oil is usually refined to remove the gossypol, a natural toxin that forms a protective layer around the seeds.

Cottonseed oil is rich in linoleic acid (omega-6). This active ingredient is particularly prized for its nutritive and softening qualities. It is also distinguished by its softening and regenerating properties that allow the skin to maintain or regain its suppleness and elasticity. Thus, the care containing cotton oil is recommended for the dry and dehydrated skins, but also for the sensitive skins. They promote the regeneration of the hydrolipidic film, particularly when the skin is subjected to various harsh environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight and/or city pollution.

Note: Cotton plant oil is odorless, which distinguishes it from other varieties of plant oils that find their uses in cosmetics. It is also silky and velvety to the touch and leaves no greasy film after use. It penetrates well into the skin.

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