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What is "Aluminum Hydroxide" and what is its utility?

What is "Aluminum Hydroxide" and what is its utility?

Also known as aluminum oxide trihydrate, "Aluminum Hydroxide" is a form of aluminum used in the formulation of many beauty care products. What is it? What are its functions? In which products can it be found? Discover everything there is to know about "Aluminum Hydroxide".

Aluminum Hydroxide: What is it?

With the chemical formula Al(OH)3, "Aluminum Hydroxide" corresponds to the INCI name for aluminum hydroxide. Unlike aluminum salts that penetrate into the organs, this ingredient is considered as chemically inert. It does not produce any reaction once applied to the skin. Whether synthetic or mineral in origin, aluminum hydroxide often appears as a crystallized solid or amorphous white powder. This ingredient can be used in the formulation of organic skincare products.

Aluminum Hydroxide: What is its purpose?

Known in the medical field, aluminum hydroxide is also used in the field of cosmetology. This ingredient particularly plays the role of an emollient, softening and improving the skin's flexibility. It also acts as a humectant. Thanks to this property, aluminum hydroxide preserves the amount of water present in a skincare product, both when it is in its packaging and when it is applied to the skin. This ingredient is also used as an opacifier. It helps to reduce the transparency of skincare products.

Furthermore, aluminum hydroxide plays a role as a colorant, tinting both skincare products and the skin itself. This ingredient also controls the viscosity of skincare treatments. In addition, aluminum hydroxide protects the skin against the harmful effects of external aggressions.

Aluminum Hydroxide: In which skincare products can it be found?

Thanks to its various properties, aluminum hydroxide is used in the formulation of different skincare products. Its coloring virtues are particularly exploited for foundations, tinted serums or even treatments aimed at combating dark circles. Aluminum hydroxide is also commonly used in organic sunscreens. In this case, this ingredient serves as a texturing agent to encapsulate titanium dioxide particles, a mineral filter used to protect the skin from UV rays.


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