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Informations sur le CI 45410 utilisé en cosmétique.

What is "CI 45410" and what is its utility?

Lipsticks, lip tints, lip liners... the CI45410 is present in many makeup products. What should we remember about this ingredient?

Published December 26, 2022, updated on February 5, 2024, by Stéphanie, Doctorate in Life and Health Sciences — 2 min read

CI 45410: Characteristics, Origin, and Utility.

The CL 45410 is a synthetic red dye. It is subject to restrictions in Europe. Dosage limitations have been imposed. The CI 45410 is used as a direct dye in oxidative hair dye formulations at a maximum concentration of 2%. Regarding semi-permanent (non-oxidative) hair dye formulations, it is permitted at a maximum concentration of 0.4% in the finished cosmetic product.

Chemical formula: C20H4Br4Cl4O5 x 2 Na.

Molecular Weight: 829.66 g/mol.

Solubility: Soluble in water.

Organoleptic properties: Fine red powder.

What is the role of CI 45410?

The CI 45410 is used in skincare and haircare as a dye. It serves to impart a reddish or rosy hue to certain treatments. Thus, it is found in the formulation of lip glosses, lipsticks, lip lacquers...

Synthetically derived, CI 45410 is present in the formulas of our tinted lip balms and our tinted lip oils.

Does CI 45410 pose a risk?

According to the findings of the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS) from March 2012, CI 45410 is considered to be non-irritating and non-sensitizing to the skin at the concentrations set for topical application. Therefore, CI 45410 does not pose any health risks.


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