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What is "CI 77499" and what is its purpose?

What is "CI 77499" and what is its purpose?

CI 77499 is a black pigment commonly used in skincare. From a chemical perspective, black iron oxide is a mixture of iron II oxide and iron III oxide. Unlike red and yellow pigments, it is magnetic. Approved for organic use, CI 77499 is often mixed with other iron oxides such as CI 77491 (red) and CI 77492 (yellow). Let's focus on its utility.

Everything you need to know about CI 77499.

iron tetraoxide , CI 77499 is a black colorant of mineral origin. It is important to distinguish between two groups of colorants:

  • The organic dyes: They are made from substances containing carbon;

  • The non-organic dyes: They are produced from minerals and metallic oxides.

Each color of iron oxide corresponds to a mixture of ferrous or ferric oxides, colored clay, and manganese.

Many factors can influence each shade, namely:

  • The concentration of minerals;

  • The cooking temperature;

  • The size of the particles;

  • The pH.

Composed of natural minerals, synthetic iron oxide is commonly used in the skincare industry. In addition to providing a lasting color to these products, it exhibits high resistance to moisture and is considered non-toxic. Regarded as safe, CI 77499 is synthetically produced and does not contain ferrous or ferric oxides.

CI 77499: What is its purpose?

CI 77499 is a coloring agent. It imparts color to the skin and adds coloration to skincare products. Synthetic iron oxides offer numerous advantages:

  • They provide resistance to light;

  • These are dispersing agents;

  • They provide an intense color to the treatments.

At Typology, CI 77499 is partly responsible for the coloration of tinted skincare products, such as the tinted serum, the tinted under-eye concealer and the tinted lip balms.


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