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Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

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Glyceryl Behenate

What is "Glyceryl Behenate" and what is its utility?

This refers to the I.N.C.I. name used to denote the glyceryl behenate. In skin and hair care, this compound primarily serves two functions: it is an emollient and a emulsifying agent. Learn more about this ingredient and discover which Typology product contains it in this article.

"Glyceryl Behenate", what exactly is it?

From a chemical perspective,glyceryl behenate is a monoester of glycerol and behenic acid. Glycerol is known for its softening, moisturizing, and protective properties. Behenic acid, on the other hand, is naturally present in canola oil and peanut oil. It is a derivative of coconut fatty acids. The glyceryl behenate can be of synthetic or plant origin. It is found in the food, pharmaceutical, and skin and hair care sectors.

In Typology skincare, glyceryl behenate issynthetically derived.

In cosmetics, glyceryl behenate is well tolerated by the skin; it is approved for organic use. It is primarily used for two functions:

  • Emollient: This ingredient makes the formulas pleasant to the touch and soft upon application, facilitating their deposit on the skin, mucous membranes such as the lips, or even the hair.

  • Emulsifier: Composed of a lipophilic part (which loves fats) and a hydrophilic part (which loves water), the glyceryl behenate positions itself at the interface of oily and aqueous phases. It thus enables the dispersion of these two fractions that are originally non-miscible. It works by altering the interfacial tension between droplets of water or hydrophilic molecules and lipid droplets. It is therefore present in certain cosmetic formulas of the emulsion type (creams, foundations, milks...).

In which Typology skincare product can one find "Glyceryl Behenate"?

Our tinted lip balm multi-purpose contains glyceryl behenate. It has been used to facilitate the solubilization of hyaluronic acid in the formula. This balm can be applied to the lips and cheeks. It provides comfort, nourishment, and hydration. It is formulated without mineral oils, without silicones and without fragrance. It is composed of 97% natural origin ingredients. The main active ingredients it contains help to provide hydration and plump up dry lips.


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