Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

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Rosa Alba Leaf Cell Extract.

What is "Rosa Alba Leaf Cell Extract" and what is its utility?

Derived from an innovative biotechnological process, the white rose native cells (or "Rosa Alba Leaf Cell Extract" according to the I.N.C.I. classification) promote the oxygenation of skin cells and combat the overproduction of free radicals. This plant-based active ingredient evens out the complexion, revives the skin's radiance, and reduces pigmentation defects.

The white rose, a symbol of purity for centuries.

With its lack of color and simple petal crown, this hybrid rose has symbolized purity and innocence since ancient Greek times, when it was the flower of Aphrodite, the young goddess of beauty. According to some legends, it is the precursor to the red rose. For instance, it is said that during the Roman era, Venus pricked herself with the thorn of a white rose during a forest outing, and her blood colored the petals of the flower, leading to the birth of the red rose.

Today, this ancient rose is cultivated in certain European countries, including France, for its cold resistance, its sweet and powerful fragrance, and for its essential oil; however, it would still grow in the wild in Asia Minor.

White rose native cells, but what are they?

The native plant cells are whole cells that are locally harvested from the plant. They are derived from a biotechnological process that respects the environment and biodiversity. This process takes place in several stages:

  1. Sampling : the process of taking a piece from the plant (leaf or flower);

  2. Culture in vitro of the harvested plant piece : successive transplantations onto a fresh nutritive medium composed of water, minerals, sugar, and vitamins;

  3. Elicitation : stimulation through UV and visible light to produce metabolites (active molecules);

  4. Rinsing : removal of all traces of the nutrient medium;

  5. Cell Filtration ;

  6. Sonication of cells and dispersion of the extract in sunflower oil.

This extraction method allows for the preservation of all active molecules present in the plant cells, which gives this compound a complementary action compared to other plant extracts (vegetable oils, essential oils, and hydrosols).

How do native white rose cells act on the skin?

The loss of skin radiance stems from endogenous factors, such as natural skin aging, and exogenous factors, such as oxidative stress. The native cells of white rose thus intervene at several levels to revive dull and tired skin:

  • Regenerative, the native cells of white rose stimulate cellular renewal.

    This process is crucial as it allows for the removal of dead cells and the strengthening of the skin barrier, thanks to the keratin that keratinocytes produce. Renewing the skin brings radiance and brightness to the complexion.

  • They reduce inflammation associated with aggressions, particularly those from UVB rays.

    The native cells of white rose exert their soothing action by inhibiting the activity of three mediators of inflammation synthesized at the level of the hair bulb: two cytokines (IL1-alpha and IL6) and a prostaglandin (PGE2), which is particularly involved in vasodilation.

  • Antioxidants, they reduce the creation of free radicals caused by pollution.

    Many situations can lead to an excess of free radicals (induced lipid peroxidation) such as: exposure to heavy metals and pollutant residues, but also UV rays, smoking, stress... Native white rose cells limit the release of MDA (malondialdehyde) during lipid peroxidation induced by pollutant residues and heavy metals. The MDA, naturally present in tissues, is a manifestation of oxidative stress. It is particularly derived from the action of reactive oxygen derivatives on polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Discover our botanical blend radiance with white rose.

Thebotanical radiance assembly Typology helps to reveal skin brightness through the antioxidant and regenerative actions of 5 botanical extracts. These botanical extracts belong to 3 categories of active ingredients: plant cells, vegetable oils, and essential oils. With different compositions, they work in synergy and offer complementary actions on the skin. This treatment contains approximately 375,000 native cells of white rose.

It is preferably used in the evening, before bedtime. It is contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women due to the presence of essential oil.


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