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What is "Sodium Anisate" and what is its utility?

What is "Sodium Anisate" and what is its utility?

Derived from fennel, Sodium Anisate is the sodium salt of p-anisic acid. It is a natural preservative. P-anisic acid is obtained by transforming a trans-anethol molecule. This can be extracted from basil or from Chinese star anise. Sodium Anisate can be combined with Sodium Levulinate. Let's focus on its utility.

All about Sodium Anisate

Most skincare products are made with additional ingredients. Sodium anisate is one of the safe ingredients that does not cause skin damage. In addition to preserving the skincare products, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and reduces the activity of microorganisms on the skin.

The majority of skincare products degrade over time, hence the significance of sodium anisate. In addition to being non-hazardous for the skin, this ingredient does not cause any toxic buildup in the body. It is suitable for mature skin and skin prone to acne.

To enhance the performance of a skincare product, it is appropriate to mix Sodium Anisate with organic acids or surfactant substances.

Sodium Anisate: What is its purpose?

Sodium Anisate is primarily used for the preservation of fresh ingredients. It is an agent:

  • Masking: it reduces or inhibits the basic taste or smell of the skincare products;

  • Fragrance: this ingredient imparts a scent to the skincare product in which it is present;

  • pH Adjuster: it regulates the pH of skincare products.

Furthermore, it promotes the slowing down of microorganism growth and prevents the development of microbes.

In addition to protecting skincare products from germs and bacteria, Sodium Anisate enhances the texture and aroma of these products. Although the scent of anise is light, it is noticeable.

Fennel is brimming with benefits for the skin:

  • It acts as a cleanser by eliminating the toxins accumulated in the epidermis;

  • It helps combat acne caused by the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. Fennel is a valuable ally for acne-prone skin;

  • It strengthens hair follicles: The vitamins A and C found in fennel essential oils play a role in hair health. Additionally, they stimulate collagen production. This protein provides elasticity to the skin;

  • It tones the face: thanks to its astringent properties, fennel helps to prevent sagging and wrinkles by tightening the skin of the face.

Sodium Anisate: In which skincare products is it found?

Sodium Anisate is present in a wide range of skincare products:

  • Hydrating Facial Serums;

  • Facial Creams;

  • Skincare to combat skin aging;

  • Eye contour care;

  • Lotions ;

  • Face Masks ;

  • Micellar water.

Our firming face cream, formulated with retinol and tsubaki oil, contains Sodium Anisate. This skincare product is designed to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Morning and evening, it is appropriate to apply a small amount to your clean, dry face, after your usual serum. Then gently massage in circular motions until the product is fully absorbed into your skin.


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