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What is "Sodium Chloride" and what is its utility?

What is "Sodium Chloride" and what is its utility?

Sodium Chloride plays a role in the balance of electrolytes and the nervous system, as well as in the transport of waste and nutrients. Thanks to its medicinal properties, this ingredient is commonly used to treat targeted skin and scalp issues. The question that arises is: what is Sodium Chloride and what is its utility? Let's focus.

All you need to know about Sodium Chloride

· The condiments;

· Table salt;

· Appetizer biscuits;

· Potato chips;

· Sea water;

· Underground rock formations;

· Most of the food items on the market.

This refers to a food preservative. Sodium Chloride is used in large quantities in many industrial processes. It maintains the electrolyte balance of fluids in the human body.

Sodium Chloride: What is its purpose?

Sodium Chloride is primarily used as an abrasive in exfoliating treatments and as a binding agent in skincare products. In addition to being cost-effective, this ingredient is versatile, which is why it is used in a wide range of treatments.

Thanks to its thickening properties, Sodium Chloride is commonly used in shower gels and shampoos. Also present in oral care preparations, it helps to eliminate bad odors. It is an agent:

· Masking: it inhibits or reduces the scent of the skincare product;

· Through proliferation: it reduces the apparent density of skincare treatments;

· Viscosity control: it reduces or increases the viscosity of skincare products;

· For oral hygiene: it cleans, protects, and deodorizes the oral cavity.

Furthermore, Sodium Chloride is used to enhance the taste of food. Additionally, it serves as a preservative, particularly for cheeses and meats. It also plays a role in the fermentation process of foods such as pickles, kefir, and sauerkraut.

Sodium Chloride is also used in large quantities in manufacturing:

· Of paper;

· Of plastic;

· From glass to chlorine;

· Of rubber;

· Of soaps;

· Of dyes;

· Of detergents.

The addition of Sodium Chloride in the formulation of a soap results in the formation of fatty acid salts. When used in soap, sodium chloride has healing and medicinal properties. Indeed, this ingredient is used to treat certain skin conditions.

Sodium Chloride: In which skincare products is it found?

Sodium Chloride is present in a wide variety of skincare products:

· Men's shower gels;

· Hand dishwashing liquids;

· Men's shampoos;

· Gift sets for men;

· Treatments for dandruff.

Thanks to its deodorizing properties, this ingredient is found in some natural deodorants. An excess of sodium chloride can cause high blood pressure. Moreover, it exposes one to risks of osteoporosis and digestive cancers.


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