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Quand utiliser l'eau de parfum ?

When to Use Eau de Parfum?

What is eau de parfum? It is a unique composition. It's a subtle blend of aromatic notes designed to achieve balance. Its aromatic content varies from 15 to 20%, depending on the manufacturer and the essences used. Eau de parfum is a composition to be worn daily or on special occasions. When should you spray it on so that it lasts as long as possible on the skin?

Published October 3, 2022, updated on February 29, 2024, by Maylis, Chemical Engineer — 4 min read

What Is Eau de Parfum?

Although it smells milder than a toilet perfume, eau de parfum lasts up to 8 hours on the skin. Its durability is due to its powerful base note. It gives off a deep, pronounced note that evaporates slowly and settles on skin, clothes, and hair.

Quality eau de parfum is generally obtained by dissolving natural plant extracts in alcohol. It is often made up of 50-60% 70° or 90° alcohol and 15-20% essential oils or other synthetic aromatic ingredients. Some formulas also contain glycerine, to reduce the aggressiveness of alcohol and enhance the essences of fragrant molecules.

According to the olfactory pyramid, three kinds of aromatic notes are blended to give an eau de parfum a pleasant scent:

● The top note. As its name suggests, this is the fragrance that is released first. It diffuses a light note that tends to evaporate quickly. As the first scent, it triggers the desire to buy the eau de parfum. Top notes correspond to citrus notes, fruity notes and sometimes floral notes.

● The heart note takes a few hours to reveal itself, and has a slightly lower scent than the top note. As the heart of an eau de parfum, it gives off an opulent scent with woody, gourmand, musky or floral notes. The heart note designates the particularity of the eau de parfum, and it should be noted that a quality eau de parfum is composed in a great part of the heart note.

● The base note. As mentioned above, this leaves a long-lasting fragrance in the air, as it evaporates slowly. These include woody, spicy and musky scents.

When Should You Apply Eau de Parfum?

Choosing the right moment for fragrance 

is part of good perfumery. 

Eau de parfum lasts longer on clean, 

moisturized skin. So, whatever the time of day, 

spray perfume on dry skin after a shower.

For concentrated fragrances such as eaux de parfum, 2 to 3 sprays are sufficient, once a day. Just because you can't smell your eau de parfum anymore doesn't mean the scent is gone. It may just be that you've absorbed the scent.

When applying eau de parfum, target certain warm areas of the body, known as pulse points. These include the neck, the back of the neck, the ankle, the hollow of the chest, the wrists, and the hollows of the elbows. These areas give off heat and help retain fragrance molecules. In addition, spray your perfume 15 cm from your skin to spread the essences and avoid an overpowering scent.


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