New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Lotion tonique peaux sensibles.

Which lotion should one choose when they have sensitive skin?

Redness, tightness, itching... These are all signs that characterize sensitive skin. Certain factors promote the appearance of these discomforts, such as the sun, stress, wind, or cold. Sensitive skin is reactive and must receive appropriate care to soothe discomforts. Which lotion should be adopted to take care of sensitive skin?

What is sensitive skin?

The reaction of excessively sensitive skin to various stimuli such as cold, sun, or wind. These stimuli would have no effect on normal skin. Contact with these stimuli can cause itching, tightness, or even irritation.

The term "sensitive" does not refer to a skin type, but rather a "state". Indeed, this state of sensitivity can affect both dry and oily skin. Numerous factors can sensitize the skin, such as a chemical substance, the alteration of the epidermal barrier, stress, or even hormonal fluctuations.

How to take care of sensitive skin?

The application of gentle skincare is important to avoid further irritating an already sensitive skin. Avoid hard water that dries out and irritates the skin, opt for a gentle cleansing care formulated for sensitive skin to remove impurities on the skin's surface. To enhance the cleansing, apply a moisturizing lotion afterwards. This also prepares the skin to receive the moisturizing and soothing cream.

In the evening, opt for a cleansing oil to gently remove makeup and impurities from the skin's surface.

Which lotion to use for taking care of sensitive skin?

Prone to irritation, redness, and itching, sensitive skin requires soothing care. Choose chamomile hydrosol to care for your sensitive skin. Chamomile floral water has calming and soothing properties. It thus reduces redness, alleviates discomfort, and soothes the skin. It also provides softness and suppleness to the skin. Chamomile hydrosol is recommended for caring for sensitive and reactive skin, dry skin, and irritated skin.

Apply chamomile hydrosol to clean, dry skin using a cotton pad. Gently stroke the skin in circular motions. The chamomile hydrosol should be applied after cleansing and before the serum or face cream.


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