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Wiping your face with a suitable towel is essential for healthy skin. To limit the transfer of certain bacteria, it is advisable to use a towel intended only for the face. The question is: which is the best towel I should use for my face? Here's what you need to know about it.

Which Towel to Use for the Face?

This seemingly simple object can quickly ruin your skin. Indeed, the wrong kind of face towel can aggress, dry out the epidermis and remove the skin's lipid barrier, which can create dehydration and skin irritations. Conversely, a proper towel has the power to soften the skin. For the face, it is best to choose a soft, fluffy microfiber towel, a material that has the power to absorb moisture without damaging the skin. Once you've selected the right towel, it's time to use it properly. Use gentle patting motions to remove excess moisture from the skin and avoid aggressive, repetitive rubbing. However, wiping your face after washing seems like a normal reaction. In reality, however, skin care products penetrate better if the skin remains moist. It is better not to wipe your face too much with a towel and thus keep your skin moist.

Body and Face: Should You Use the Same Towel?

Wiping your face with a body towel may seem harmless at first glance, but this gesture should be banned from your beauty routine. One of the first reasons is hygiene. Indeed, bacteria, fungi, mold, yeast, dead cells, etc... can get lodged in the fibers. So, if you use the same towel as for the body on your face, you risk transferring these microorganisms to your facial skin. The second reason is that the residues of cosmetic products (shower gel, deodorant, etc...), accumulated after several uses, inevitably end up on your face as well. Now, if these components end up on your face, they can cause skin rashes, clog pores and cause irritation. Furthermore, the cotton terry cloth material, which is preferred for bath towels, can damage the delicate facial area and cause skin reactions (redness, irritation and dryness, etc.). For all these reasons, it is advisable to have a face towel only for this area.

How Often Should I Replace My Facial Towel?

It's not just a matter of choosing the right model of towel, but also of considering changing it regularly. It is important to have a clean towel for drying your face. Indeed, face towels get dirty quickly because of residues of make-up, perspiration, cosmetic products, bacteria, etc... Bacteria on dirty towels can infect wounds and cause irritation. So remember to replace it about every second day. In addition to regular laundering, air dry your towel after each use because moist environments encourage the growth of bacteria. Instead of storing it in a ball in a basket, it is better to lay it on a towel rack so that it can dry quickly. Moreover, remember to air out your bathroom to get rid of mold and mildew. This is especially important for skin prone to blemishes.


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