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Why apply lip balm?

Why apply lip balm?

Just like the face, the lips require hydration. Among the recommended treatments is lip balm. It serves to protect, hydrate, and repair the lips. There are also other ways to use it.

Published January 11, 2023, updated on January 29, 2024, by Stéphanie, Doctorate in Life and Health Sciences — 3 min read

What is a lip balm?

This refers to a waxy substance intended for local use. Due to the active ingredients in its formula, the lip balm promotes hydration and helps to alleviate dry lips, cold sores, or angular cheilitis. Its primary function is to create a protective film on the skin. Thus, this fatty substance leaves the lips soft while shielding them from external aggressions.

Lip balm comes in the form of a stick or cream. It is applied:

  • In daily routine, to prevent the risks of dryness;

  • Occasionally, when signs of dryness appear (peeling, burning, or tight lips) or to combat chapping.

Why apply a lip balm?

The skin of the lips is thin, making it sensitive to various aggressions and prone to rapid damage. This is compounded by the absence of sebaceous glands, which reduces its insulating power. Since the skin on the lips does not produce sebum, it is necessary to strengthen its hydrolipidic film. To preserve its natural barrier and hydration level, the use of a lip balm is essential. It's important to know that lips can become dry due to:

  • The acidity of saliva (moistening the lips with the tongue promotes the occurrence of chapped lips);

  • The cold in winter;

  • From the rain;

  • Of dry air

  • About air conditioning;

  • From the excessive use of tobacco or alcohol...

While a standard lip balm is sufficient to nourish and hydrate lips during winter, the application of a specific treatment becomes necessary in summer. Indeed, lips produce little melanin, making them vulnerable to sunburn. To protect them from solar rays, it is appropriate to apply lip balm with a UV protection index. Don't forget to apply it during your stays in the mountains or at the beach.

Finally, lip balm is essential for treating damaged lips that may be experiencing bleeding. In this case, those enriched with healing active ingredients such as aloe vera or honey should be favored.


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