Exfoliating cleansing bar with poppy seeds

Cold saponified soap for the face and body with 8% super fats.

Handcrafted in France. 100% naturally-derived ingredients.

Poppy seeds, corn semolina.

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Made in France, Vegan


  • Natural exfoliants

  • Botanical oils and butters

  • Tips for use

  • Skin types

  • Precautions


Botanical oils + salt-extracted lye = Soap + naturally-derived glycerin + surgras (nourishing fatty materials).

The artisanal method of cold saponification is essentially a chemical reaction that produces soap. By avoiding heating the botanical oils, these ingredients can retain most of their skin-nourishing nutrients.

Our cold-saponified soap is considered to be an effective care product thanks to the softening and nourishing properties of its featured oils as well as its high content of moisturizing glycerin.

Our exfoliating soap gently cleanses the skin while keeping the delicate skin barrier intact thanks to its 8% fatty acid content that remains after the saponification process. The higher the percentage of surgras (superfats), the softer and more nourishing the soap is.

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