Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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Les avis sur l'acide lactique.

A Review by Our Customers About Lactic Acid.

Lactic acid belongs to the category of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). It is used for its gentle exfoliating abilities and moisturizing effects. Read some opinions and reviews about this keratolytic ingredient here.

Published March 1, 2024, by Sandrine, Scientific Editor — 5 min read

Lactic Acid, a Mild Acid

Lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (A.H.A.), is known for its keratolytic properties. It accelerates cell renewal by removing dead skin cells from the epidermis, resulting in smooth, even and bright skin. However, compared to glycolic acid, another AHA, lactic acid is less irritating. This is because lactic acid has a higher molecular weight (90.08 g/mol) than glycolic acid (76.05 g/mol). Therefore, it enters the epidermis less deeply and acts on the surface. In addition, lactic acid occurs naturally in the skin. Its less irritating effect is also due to its moisturizing properties.

Note: The natural moisturizing factor (NMF) accounts for 30% of the total dry weight of the stratum corneum. This moisturizing system is composed of amino acids, their derivatives, as well as extracellular compounds such as lactic acid. Its hygroscopic properties enable it to bind and retain water in the stratum corneum, thus maintaining skin moisture.

In skin care, lactic acid can be of synthetic or plant origin. At Typology, the lactic acid in the mild exfoliating serum and exfoliating mask is obtained by fermenting sugar from corn seeds using special bacteria such as Lactobacillus.

Some Comments From Our Customers About the Lactic Acid Serum

These people have tested the mild exfoliating serum and appreciated it for various reasons.

  • Emilie G.: "I liked this care very much. I apply it in the evening after cleansing my skin and before the Botanical Assembly with Peony. After a few days, I really saw a difference on my skin. I love it." ;

  • Morgane Y.: "My skin texture has refined, I have a lot less blackheads and most importantly, no more pimples. Great skincare and easy to use" ;

  • Kevin D.: "I was a bit skeptical before buying this skincare, as I have tested several before. To my surprise, this skincare by Typology is really great. It works very well on pimples after multiple applications. However, one should be careful when exposing to the sun. You should protect yourself with sunscreen as it heats up the skin quickly. I use it more in the evening before going to bed" ;

  • Céline C.: "My skin texture softened in 3 days and after 15 days some acne scars started to disappear. I look forward to continuing and seeing the results over a longer period of time."

  • Charlotte S.: "I have been using this serum for a month and I notice a real improvement in my skin. I don't know if it's because of using this product, but it's the only new addition to my routine. I feel like my pimples disappear faster, and my skin looks more even. It has no particular smell and does not irritate my skin at all, which is sensitive and reactive after all."

According to our customers, they have noticed a change in the quality of their skin, which looks smoother, softer, and has fewer pimples and blackheads. Moreover, the serum is even suitable for people with reactive and sensitive skin. However, if you notice too much irritation, you should stop using the serum.


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