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Can we wear mascara every day?

Can we wear mascara every day?

Just like applying lipstick, using mascara is a common beauty practice. Having thick and curved lashes adds elegance. However, it turns out that excessive use of mascara can have the opposite effect: lashes may fall out or lose their thickness. Can we wear mascara every day? Here are the answers.


Is Mascara Dangerous for the Eyes?

Mascara sometimes contains potentially harmful chemical substances for the eyes. The eyes are vulnerable organs and particularly sensitive to harsh treatments. When they accidentally come into contact with soap, shampoo, or even perfume, you immediately feel pain. It is common to read on the containers of many care products that you should avoid any contact with the eyes. However, it turns out that some mascaras are fibrous. This means that their composition is dense, and they contain more ingredients.

The primary risk is that certain components may migrate into the eye, potentially causing irritation for some individuals. Due to repetitive applications, these mascaras disrupt the production of tear films or lacrimal film, which covers the surface of the eye and protects it against external assaults. Consequently, tears evaporate quickly and the eye is less hydrated. This eye dryness is the root cause of irritations and the proliferation of bacteria that trigger infections. For this reason, it is important to favor mascaras with natural components and limit the frequency of application.

The importance of gentle makeup removal.

Mascara is a tool of seduction. It is the quintessential cosmetic for achieving doe-like eyes and a captivating gaze. Unfortunately, those who overuse it run the risk of ending up with falling or thinning eyelashes. It is advisable to reduce the duration of mascara wear, and to prioritize gentle eye makeup removal. Indeed, if the makeup remover is concentrated, the eyelashes may come off with the cotton pad, as they are weakened due to the mascara.

Many have noticed that after applying a thick layer of mascara, their eyelashes become stiff and break, instead of softening. It goes without saying that if mascara remains on the lashes for a long time, the harmful effects are amplified. For healthy lashes that stay in place, it's important to remove the residue with a suitable makeup remover before going to bed. To do this, apply an adequate amount of product onto a cotton pad, then place it on the eye for 10 seconds. Gently pull downwards to remove the layer of mascara.

Just one step is enough, and most importantly, do not rub your eyes during makeup removal to prevent your eyelashes from being pulled out or the product from getting into your eye.

How to protect the eyelashes?

It is now possible to find care mascaras that advise having thick and curled lashes, in addition to promoting their growth. These mascaras are composed of nourishing oils that strengthen the lashes from their root. You can also apply a layer of protective serum before putting on your mascara, which will ensure their hydration. Of course, the best way to avoid irritations and weakened lashes is not to wear mascara every day.


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